Sex and Romance: the most beautiful underwear for the summer

Choose the most beautiful and romantic set for a hot summer!

How to choose the most tender, romantic, feminine and at the same time seductive lingerie? In the summer collections you can find a lot of sets that meet these requirements. We chose the most spectacular of them.

Pink.Gentle pink color and all shades of nude are very relevant this season. Pick up your underwear so that it favorably emphasizes your skin tone. Peach tones, for example, look perfect even on a slightly sunken body.

FlowersIt can be embroidery, guipure patterns or even motley prints - no matter what you choose, the floral theme will be extremely appropriate. In the summer try to avoid dark and gloomy sets: although they look very seductive, they are not romantic at all.

Braletta.This type of bra is good because it can be worn as an underwear, and as a top. In the city, however, you should not wear such a thing, but at the resort - the very thing! Choose a model with a tight cup, so as not to show anything extra.

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