Sexy hair - all 13 secrets

Sexy hairHow to make hair sexy - 13 secrets

Beautiful, silky, attractive hair is the ultimate dream of any woman. Nevertheless, very few people understand how to make your dream come true. Lovely representatives of the fair sex, an interesting site has prepared for you 13 secrets how to make healthy, attractive and sexy hair!


Secret 1. Use shampoo less often.


To wash a head with shampoo absolutely is not necessary and, most of all, it is harmful. Often this leads to "fatigue" of hair, which affects their appearance. Wash your hair with shampoo once every 2 to 3 days, and in the remaining days simply rinse your hair with warm water. This will allow your hair to be not only clean, but also healthy.


Secret 2. Discard the beams


If you want your hair to look seductive, then do not hide them! Puchochki, tails ... Such hairstyles have nothing to do with the attractiveness of hair. Give your own hair independence, and they will certainly interest the attention of people around you.


Secret 3. Sexual hair is wavy hair.


Nothing attracts the interest of the other sex much better than wavy hair. You intend to go to the hairdresser, although you have no idea what kind of haircut to do - then stop your own choice on the wavy styling. Ask your own hairdresser about a certain number of varieties of wavy styling and pick the one that suits you best.


Secret 4. Comb your hair with your fingers.


After washing your hair, do not rush to pick up a comb. Try to separate tangled hair ends with the support of your fingers. Do this until the time when your hair is almost dry, and only afterwards finish what you started with a comb. The benefit of this procedure is in combing the hair with your fingers, you massage them and release them from fatigue.


Secret 5. "Tail" must be correct


Do not forget that the "tail" should be voluminous and lush, look sexier. If you have weak and thin hair, then it is much better not to build this hairstyle - nothing looks more plaintive than a thin “tail” of liquid hair.


Secret 6.Hair tint should go to skin color.


Do not forget that there is a certain number of skin tones, and that one or the other hair color is suitable for any of them.


Secret 7. Short haircut - minus 5 years.


If you began to notice that your hair is losing a healthy look, then you need to think about whether it is time to replace the hairstyle. If you have long hair, cut your hair short. Short hair can help you look for some number of years younger, which means - more attractive and sexy.


Secret 8. Messy hair - an easy option for modeling.


Were they shocked when they heard that impure hair simply succumbed to modeling? Yes it is true. If you have not washed your hair since the morning, then the stylists would make you a hairstyle by combing your hair back. And do not be surprised if they barely shower your hair with baby powder or dry shampoo. This can help make a perfect structure for similar hairstyles.


Secret 9. Spray with sea salt


Do you want attractive, chaotic curls like "just after the bathroom"? The secret is spray with sea salt. In one of the popular salons we found a fresh curling method.The goal was independent, unordered locks, and we were extremely surprised how soon after the application of the spray the waving process was bent. Seeing a young woman at a desk with a haircut of my dream, I approached her: “Did you do a chemical perm?” She smiled: “No, I put sea salt into service. And I master it myself. " You can also make a similar spray: mix a few spoons of sea salt and water in a bottle, put it in a spray bottle - ready for use! Sexy hair with a wet effect ready.


Secret 10. Bangs - this is very fashionable, but it must be correct.


We bring to your attention an image with a rich, complex bang or coiled to the side. The only thing is to avoid thin, not heavy bangs of exactly the same length - it will make your face "straight" and curved. More in demand at the moment thick bangs paired with long wavy multi-layered hair. Attractive. Especially with highlighting. Not prepared for thick bangs? Try bangs combed to the side. Laminated hair looks much better with a bang, because it is allowed to dilute the silhouettes of the face and not to make it too square.


Secret 11.Do not leave your hair long to the point of absurdity


Can you imagine how excessively long hair looks? - they have almost no style, and it looks incongruous. A typical excuse for people with similar haircuts: "But they do not ask for a scrupulous styling."

It is absolutely not sexy. What to do? Cut a number of layers, add a bang and a number of bright strands. Just go to the hairdresser. Now.


Secret 12. Forget about strands of the same length.


Multi-layered haircuts give an unimaginable image (and bulkiness) to your hair, making it sexier in the light of the latest fashion trends.


Secret 13. Shiny hair


If the hair is devoid of glitter, do not be sad. Now a large number of products have been developed that give shine and renew a healthy glow. Try all sorts of sprays that are applied after laying, and find your own! Long sexy hair - now is not always the case. And with short haircuts, you can add sex to your lady image. 13 secrets will help you along the way.

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