She stopped for 6 hours to allow people to do whatever she wanted with her

Many of us know the Yugoslav artist Marina Abramovich. This is what they call it the “grandmother of the art of performance”. A woman for over 40 years has been organizing interactive installations that make ... think.

Abramovich's speeches have a lasting effect. For example, about her earliest performance - “Rhythm 0 ″ in Studio Morra (Naples, Italy) does not abate conversations today. That is about him and will be discussed.

“Rhythm 0 ″ - painfully simple statement. Abramovich stood motionless for 6 hours. People who approached were asked to do with it everything that the soul desires. For this, the artist prepared and laid out on the table72 subjects

Abramovich held the instruction in her hands. Its main message is:do what you want, I will bear full responsibility.

First, only photographers approached the woman - purely out of professional interest.After some time the terrible began.

But for now, back to the table with the items. He was “objects of pleasure"And"objects of destruction". The most innocuous is feathers and flowers;the most dangerous- knife, razor blade and loaded weapon.

Art critic Thomas McEwilly watched the performance, and this is how he describes it: “The beginning was restrained. Someone walked in circles around her. Someone raised her hands. Someone did not deny himself an intimate touch ".

At the third hour of performance, all her clothes were cut up. On the fourth - the same blades began to examine the skin. Minor sexual assaults were committed against her body. But Marina was so committed to the cause that she would not resist even rape or murder.”.

The artist's own thoughts about what happened to her during the performance are even more painful. “I felt violent. They cut my clothes, wounded my belly with spiked flowers. My temple had a gun”.

Some men touched her naked body.

At the end of six hours the artist left her post. She walked among her rapists. Not one soul could look into her eyes.People did not want to be prosecuted or convicted for what was done. It seemed as if they wanted to forget their recent joy.

This work proves that there is something terrible in people. It shows how quickly someone can hurt you under favorable circumstances. A person who does not fight is not defended, it is easy to dehumanize. Yes, if you create a similar scene, most of the “normal” will turn into real rapists”- says Marina Abramovich about the experiment.

This performance makes THINK.

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