Should I do a tattoo sleeve?

Many people make tattoos in order to emphasize their individuality, or simply following the trend of fashion. But among them there are those for whom drawing on the body is a way of self-expression. It is in such people most often you can see the original tattoo sleeves, which are a real decoration of their owner. What is so special about this type of tattoo?

Tattoo sleeve is one of the largest tattoos in size. It is very difficult to perform, as it deals with the entire surface of the hand. If you decide to make such a tattoo, then take the process of choosing a master very seriously, since the unsuccessful image can be hidden only with the help of clothes with long sleeves. Carefully read the photos of his previous works, as well as get feedback from former clients.

When creating sleeves inks can be used in different colors depending on the style and preferences of the person. The main feature of this type of tattoo is the central image, around which the rest of the picture is built. As a background, flames, water and vortices are usually used.The master before starting work should carefully consider the sketch of the future tattoo.

Prepare for the fact that in order to achieve the final result you will have to visit the tattoo salon more than once, since it is difficult to apply such an image during one visit, and not everyone will endure a painful, hours-long procedure without interruptions.

There are several sizes of sleeves:

  • quarter-sleeves - pattern takes up half of the shoulder or forearm;
  • half sleeves - tattoo tattooed from elbow to wrist or from elbow to shoulder;
  • long sleeve - pattern covers the entire hand.

Any specific rules for placing a tattoo sleeves simply do not exist. Each person independently decides where exactly the drawing will be and what size it will be. For men, tattoo sleeves are more characteristic, occupying ¾ or the entire surface of the arm, while girls most often prefer tattoo that occupies half of the arm. But it all depends on the taste of the future owner of the sleeve.

Of course, carefully thought-out images look very impressive, every detail of which fits neatly into the chosen plot.But quite often there are sleeves, consisting of two completely unrelated images. This happens when the master has to combine into the general plot two tattoos that were made at different times and located in different parts of the arm.

Also popular are tattoos in the style of blackwork, which are characterized by the presence of a skin area, completely painted black. Most often images of this kind are preferred by people who want to hide an unsuccessful tattoo made earlier.

Men's options

Now there is no separation of tattoos for men and women. Everything depends on the preferences of the future tattoo owner. But there are certain trends that are most often followed by both genders.

Men most often prefer aggressive images that emphasize their strength and masculinity. Tribal motifs are especially popular with them, as they allow to emphasize the masculine nature. Most of the warriors from different tribes in ancient times decorated their bodies with tattoos.

Modern men, choosing a tattoo, also want to look more courageous in the eyes of women.Therefore, they often tend to opt for Celtic and Scandinavian patterns, as well as various animals such as wolves, lions, eagles and bears.

Also very popular among men were tattoos in the style of biomechanics, which are characterized by a combination of human and mechanical nature.

Another favorite theme for the sleeves of the stronger sex is Japanese motifs. Quite often, men fill themselves with images of carp koi and dragons, symbolizing courage.

Women's tattoo sleeves

A characteristic feature of female tattoos is the variety of colors. For women, visual beauty of the image is of great importance, and not its hidden meaning and symbolism. Therefore, quite often the girls can see bright multi-colored tattoos.

Plant and flower motifs are very popular among the fair sex. They especially like roses. They can be found in a very large number of tattoos-sleeves. Also, girls are characterized by Polynesian motifs in images of flame and butterflies. Lovers of aggressive tattoo give preference to snakes and dragons.

Who is suitable?

The most organically sleeve looks to musicians, especially rap and rock artists. Also, these tattoos will suit creative and extraordinary personalities. The main thing that tattooed was the addition of the chosen style of clothing. Agree that a classic dress and a tattoo on the whole hand look very strange.

Before you decide on a tattoo sleeve, you should carefully consider which design suits you best, since there will be no going back. Such a large tattoo can not withdraw or paint over. Therefore, the choice of future tattoos should be taken very seriously, because with it you can show your unique style and personality.

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