Silicone hair ties: comfortable and inexpensive

Do you know how many different original hairstyles can be done if you try a little and show imagination? But to make her hair neat and lasted a long time, you need to use some tools. For example, every self-respecting hairdresser in the arsenal has silicone elastics. What is it, what does it look like and how is it used?

Comfortable and cheap

What is it and how does it look?

Silicone elastic bands are devices for fixing hair in a hairdress. What are these gum? In fact, like everyone else, but slightly different in material.

In total there are two types of such rubber bands:

  • Ordinary thin. They are somewhat reminiscent of the widely used office paper, but much softer and more pleasant to touch. Stretch such gum fine, keep the shape for a long time. Such accessories can be selected by color, there are a great many variants of tones.
  • The second type - spiral rezinochki,in appearance resembling the wire of old Soviet fixed phones. This is very original and interesting. The diameter of these rubber bands can be different, like the thickness. The color scheme is also diverse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Here is the hair

Silicone gum has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the good:

  • They are safe for hair. Unlike some other accessories (the same stationery or rubber bands with metal clips, which can be removed if you lose a whole strand of hair), silicone gum does not tear the hair when removed, do not exert excessive pressure on the curls due to its elasticity and soft structure. So you can not worry about the health of your precious hair.
  • Suitable for any hair: thick, thin, long, short, curly and naughty. This accessory can be called universal, it can be used by everyone.
  • If the gum quality, it will serve for quite a long time and will not lose its original appearance, which is important.
  • Variety of colors. Do you want to create a creative image? Use bright gum. A combination of different colors will make your hair naughty and original.
  • If you need the elastic band to be not noticeable on the hair, get this accessory to match your curls. Also on sale is a universal transparent gum, which "hide" and will not give themselves.
  • It looks very impressive and interesting.
  • These elastic bands perfectly hold the hair, which makes the hairstyle durable and protects from the "slipping" of tails from the crown to the back of the head, as is the case with some other accessories.
  • Spiral elastic bands not only look creative, but also allow you to make voluminous tails, so the hair seems thick.
  • Ease of use. To put on and take off such gum is incredibly easy.
  • If some gum in the process of removal from the hair cause discomfort and even pain, then this silicone just can not be said for sure.
  • These accessories are inexpensive, and this is also important.

Now we list a few cons:

  • If the gum is of poor quality, then it can stretch out after just a few uses. A high-quality accessory will last for several months even if used continuously.
  • Use these accessories should be careful.A sharp movement or a strong stretch of gum can be torn.

How to choose?


What to look for when choosing a gum?

  • Thickness. It can be different and depends on the structure of your hair. If the curls are thick, then too thin gum simply will not hold them. The thicker the hair, the more impressive should be the thickness.
  • Colour. It all depends on your personal preferences. Do you want to hide an accessory in a hairstyle? Pick a tone for your hair color or buy a transparent elastic band.
  • Cost Immediately it should be noted that too low cost should be alerted, as it often indicates low quality of the product.

How to use?

Silicone hair ties are very easy to use. To wear a gum, do these simple manipulations:

  1. Take the gum in one hand and put it on folded fingers. If the gum is thin, then use two fingers (index and big fingers).
  2. With your other hand, hold the strand you are planning to dress. Now grab this strand with a rubber band, spreading your fingers, and the other move the rubber band to the hair. If necessary, take another turn.

How to remove the gum? This is also not difficult

Large rubber bands are removed simply: grasp the rubber band with your hand and just pull it off. Do this carefully so as not to damage the hair.

Thin rezinochki often just cut and discarded, but if you want to use the accessory many times, then try to pull it too. To simplify the task, first remove one revolution (the one that was the last one when tying), and then the rest.

With the use of such accessories you can make a variety of hairstyles:

  • Using a large spiral gum, make large tails on any part of the head.
  • Spiral elastic can be used to create a bundle of hair.
  • Multi-level hairstyles. For example, such accessories are often used to create wedding and evening hairstyles, consisting of a number of ringlets, sometimes intertwined with each other.
  • Pigtails (for example, African).
  • Often, thin elastic bands are used as a basis for tying up the tail (they hold the hair perfectly), and on top they put on volume decorative (separately they would not be able to hold the curls).

Where to buy, how much does it cost?

You can buy silicone elastics in specialized stores that sell hair accessories used in hairdressing salons or in salons.In ordinary stores, such a product also occurs, but very rarely. And even such accessories can be ordered in the online store, but if the center of self-delivery in your city is not, then the delivery can cost a fortune.

The price of such accessories is more than affordable. So, a wide spiral gum will cost about 10-30 rubles. The cost of one thin rubber band will be 1-3 rubles or even less. Most often, these gum are sold in batches of 50, 100 or more pieces. In any case, if you order a large batch (together with friends, for example), then the purchase will be more profitable.

Create bright images, make original hairstyles with the help of silicone hair ties.

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