Skimmer for the pool: what it is, how to do it yourself

Skimmer for the pool - a special device designed for water purification. In the absence of the device, it is likely that over time, an unpleasant smell from water, bacteria and other adverse conditions will cloud the rest.

What is a skimmer for the pool

It is a hollow tank made of plastic or stainless steel. the bottom part has a threaded connection. Through it is connected to the water catchment highway. On one side there is a hole that allows water to pass to the filtration and heating systems.

Skimmer is needed to solve several problems:

  • large waste collection;
  • Chemistry bookmarks;
  • connect the vacuum cleaner.

Using the device, you can handle up to 70% of the pool volume. In the middle of the skimmer is a grid for coarse filtration of water. The principle of operation is based on collecting the upper layer and running it through the filter. All care for the skimmer is only to clean the filter.


On sale you can find three main types:

  • floating;
  • mounted;
  • built-in (surface).

The first type is used for structures where there is a significant fluctuation of the water level. Installation does not require an underground installation. The only addition is the pump. It will produce continuous fluid intake from the surface.

Suspended option is relevant for swimming pools, where there is no circulation system. These varieties include stationary, frame artificial reservoirs. This type has an affordable price, is made of polypropylene. Fastening devices to the wall by using an adjustable bracket. Benefits include ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

Built-in models are installed in the wall of the bowl at the time of construction of the pool. The drainage holes are equipped with a floating damper that prevents the penetration of warm and clear water from the lower layers.

What kind of skimmer can you make yourself?

To make a choice, you need to know the characteristics of plastic and steel species. The first are easy to install.They can be used for plastic, metal, concrete or polypropylene bowl. These varieties are resistant to various chemical compositions used for water purification.

Steel - heavier devices. Used for installation in concrete or composite pool bowls. Due to its strength, it can last several times longer than plastic counterparts. At the same time, this type has a higher price.

It is necessary to decide on the right view. If the pool has a large volume, stop at the built-in model. These types have high performance, guaranteeing good results of cleaning a large volume of water.

For smaller models, a mounted skimmer will suffice. It is less productive, but there will be no problems with its installation. When it is decided with a view, it is necessary to make calculations that reveal the number of devices sufficient to maintain a specific pool. One device can handle 20-25 square meters. m. mirrors of water. In order for all devices to cope with their functions, they are evenly distributed in the bowl. This avoids stagnation zones.

How to make a skimmer?

You will need:

  • plastic or steel container;
  • coarse filter;
  • cleaning mesh;
  • flexible hose;
  • tanks for reagents.

First, a special funnel is made in the lower part of the working tank. Through it water will flow into the device. The net is attached to it. The size of the cells should be such as to ensure the retention of large contaminants. In the middle of a self-made skimmer, several tanks are installed for pouring chemical compounds needed for additional water purification.

A coarse filter is installed in the device. Usually it is bought because of the complexity in the design. It remains to drill the outlet in the tank, insert the hose. Thanks to the latest skimmer will join the circulating pump.

The finished product remains attached to the pool bowl. It is best to use for fastening stainless hardware. In the future, do not forget to clean the created device from contamination.

Plumbing pipe skimmer

Another option for self-manufacturing skimmer involves the use of plumbing pipes. To work will require:

  • three pipes 110x550, 50x550 and 32x400 mm;
  • repair coupling for sewer pipes;
  • straight tee;
  • two plugs with a diameter of 110 mm;
  • transitional gum;
  • Technoplex for the manufacture of float;
  • thin tube made of metal.

First, a round plug is taken, a hole of no more than 52 mm is made in it. The transitional elastic band is inserted into it. For the manufacture of the lower part of a straight PVC tee mounted in a repair coupling. The bottom is closed with a plug, and a lip seal is installed in the side transition.

For the manufacture of the float is taken foam, from which the circle is cut. The outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the main pipe. It remains to put the float on the pipe, fix it a few centimeters above the middle.

To prevent the skimmer from floating up, a load should be put on the bottom of the hull. It remains to insert a pipe with a diameter of 110 mm into the lower part, and into it an element with a float and a prepared plug. In the upper part you need to cut the thread under the metal tube. It should go up, be under the surface of the water. Then the air can freely go. A hose is installed in the lower splitter and an adapter at its other end.It remains to connect the resulting skimmer with a filter pump.

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