Are your clothes stained with coffee? We will help to restore her cleanliness

Coffee stains are considered one of the most difficult to remove, but you can get rid of them if you use the most effective and proven methods.

How to cope with this problem?

How can I wash the stains after coffee?

  • Sprinkle fresh salt over the wet spot immediately.
  • Use glycerin, it is suitable for delicate and colored materials. Apply a small amount of it to the place of pollution and leave it for an hour or two, then remove it with warm water. If necessary (that is, if the stain does not disappear the first time), the procedure can be repeated. Then the thing can be washed in the usual way.
  • To remove stains from coffee from white material, you can use citric or oxalic acid. In a glass of warm water, dissolve half a teaspoon of powdered product, then moisten a sponge or soft cloth with liquid and treat the area of ​​contamination well. If the stain is old, you can leave the mixture overnight.You can also mix oxalic acid with citric acid, this will enhance the effect. After this treatment, the product must be well washed.
  • Try using ammonia. If the fabric is dense, simply treat it with alcohol, if the material is delicate, then dilute it with water.
  • To remove coffee stains from wool or silk, you can use the following tool. In a liter of warm water, dissolve five to seven teaspoons of ammonia, as well as three tablespoons of soap chips (it is best to use a laundry soap). Dampen a cotton pad in the solution and treat the area of ​​contamination well.
  • You can cook a lot of glycerin and salt. To do this, in a tablespoon of liquid glycerin dissolve a teaspoon of salt. Kashitsu plentifully put on the stain and leave for a few hours or at night, then rinse with hot water and wash the thing in the washing machine.
  • Use baking soda. You can simply wet the area of ​​pollution and sprinkle it well with soda. Leave the product in this form for the night, and wash the sutra in the usual way, using soap shavings or washing powder.
  • In a glass of warm water, dissolve two teaspoons of sodium hyposulphite. Treat the coffee stain with the prepared liquid and rinse the product thoroughly.
  • You can remove coffee from linen fabric using boiling water. Pour it on the stain until it completely disappears.
  • You can try to apply soda ash. In the basin pour water (about 10 liters) and add about 10 tablespoons of soda. In a solution, soak the soiled product and leave it there overnight. In the morning rinse the thing and wash it by hand or in a washing machine.
  • If the material is dense, the product can be boiled, this method will also be quite effective when removing coffee stains.
  • You can try to remove the contamination from clothing with a saline solution (salt literally decomposes coffee). In 10 liters of water, dissolve a glass of salt and put the product into a liquid, leaving it overnight. Then wash the thing.
  • Hydrogen peroxide will help. It is necessary to moisten a cotton pad, which then should be carefully treated area of ​​pollution. Repeat the procedure until the marks disappear. Now the thing can be washed.
  • Effective boric acid.Moisten a cotton swab in it and treat the area of ​​contamination.
  • You can use whey, it contains acid, which can dissolve pollution. Apply a small amount to the stain and leave for a few hours, then rinse with warm water and proceed to washing.
  • Fresh stains can be removed with ordinary soap. Wash a thing in it or soak it in a soapy solution (add a tablespoon of chips to a liter of water).
  • Mix water, laundry detergent and vinegar in equal proportions. Prepare the mixture thoroughly with the stain and then rinse off the composition.
  • Mix one teaspoon of distilled water and lactic acid. Apply this compound to the area of ​​contamination and leave for a few hours, after which rinse the product and wash it.
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