Spinner - a popular toy of our time

Evaluation criterionSelection options
For a child

  • Safety performance. So that the baby does not accidentally get hurt, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the goods for the presence of sharp corners and burrs.

  • No need to choose a spinner with a metal body.

  • The plastic base and polished edges of the toy are the perfect choice.

  • The cover must ensure tightness of the bearing under it.

According to the design of the bearing *

  • Steel. They require regular cleaning, lubrication and careful maintenance.

  • From ceramics. Reduce the percentage of vibration during rotation and provide quiet operation.

  • Ceramic, in comparison with steel, are more expensive.

Hybrid (steel and ceramics)

  • If more steel parts were used in the manufacture, then the device is cheaper.

  • In the presence of ceramic parts in the design, in a larger direction than steel, smoothness will be ensured, but at the same time the price of the product will be higher.

Body material

  • Plastic.The most affordable spinner, except for the 3D model. The latter device is expensive, so the manufacturer manufactures products with a large number of plastic parts, which degrades its quality and reduces the cost.

  • Only a master can make a spinner of wood. Handwork is expensive.

  • Metal products are the most durable. So that they weigh less and cost less, for this purpose brass or aluminum is used. The high price of models of titanium.

Other materials The choice depends on the wishes of the buyer, and the materials used may be different: cardboard, leather, glue or chocolate dessert.
Vibration characteristics

  • Vibration depends on the material from which the housing and the bearing are made. With a strong rotation more noticeable sound and vibration.

  • If you need a quiet rotation, then you can make a choice in favor of low-speed devices.

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