Steps and steps to register a company’s trademark, unique brand or logo

Every businessman, entrepreneur, sooner or later wonders how the company should be presented to the general public, including potential buyers. Each company can be distinguished by special touches, including a graphic image, a verbal version of the company, as well as combined types of a trademark. Each trademark expresses individualism, and this in turn emphasizes the special character of the company, which is trying to win its place in the market.

If you do not want to waste your time, you can register a trademark by the link. But if you decided to do it yourself, then this article will help you.

What the law says about the presence of a trademark for an enterprise

A trademark can be expressed both in a graphic image, and in a combined version, where the verbal type and image are used together. Legal rights to the trademark are transferred to the company only after registration with the relevant authorities. Both individual entrepreneurs and large companies and corporations have the right to own a trademark. The law provides for the moment when collective communities can own the same trademark. Along with this, to collective trademarks there are special rules. According to Article 121 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a brand or its trademark may have collective communities that belong to non-profit associations or NPOs. Thus, a collective type or image of a trademark may belong to several communities on a non-commercial basis, that is, members of the community do not gain any financial benefit from participation. The right to issue a trademark belongs to Rospatent, which is referred to as the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

Stages of registration of commercial types for a mark, logo or brand

There are three main steps through which a trademark is registered.

  • Stage One. Search for information identity and coincidence. Search of information type on all types of the channel in Rospatent is carried out. In some cases, Rospatent checks the trademark manually, which eliminates the appearance of identical trademarks. In case of similarity, identity, it is necessary to make changes and adjustments to the sample of the proposed trademark.
  • Stage Two. Preparatory processes for submission of documents for the registration procedure of a logo, trademark mark, brand. After one calendar month after the submission of the documents, you will receive a priority trademark certificate.
  • Stage Three. Final issuance of documents and permission to hold a trademark. The term of consideration of the application in the final version can range from 1 calendar year to 18 months.

Features of obtaining and registering types of a logo, as well as a trademark, brand

By law, the term of validity of the received trademark is at least 10 years, after the end of this period, you can extend the validity of the trademark on certain conditions.The cost of providing trademark registration services includes:

  • Work on preparing and submitting an application to Rospatent, cost up to 10 thousand rubles
  • Matching search engines. The cost of the service is up to 10.5 thousand rubles, the use of Cyrillic alphabet is up to 2 thousand rubles, the use of Latin is up to 3 thousand rubles.
  • Expertise at Rospatent (formal procedure), cost up to 2 thousand rubles
  • State duty for class. The first class is 8.5 thousand rubles, for the subsequent classes 1.5 thousand rubles are added
  • State duty for issuing a certificate from Rospatent, up to 12 thousand rubles (payment by bank transfer)

If coincidences and identities are identified, it is necessary to go through the secondary process or the stage of registration of a trademark, taking into account the indicated corrections and wishes from Rospatent.

Get a registered logo or trademark legally

To pass the registration of a trademark, the owner must provide a fragment of a trademark sample of 8.0 * 8.0 cm in size, and if your future trademark is in a black and white version, you must attach 4 copies of the fragment.Exactly the same number (4 fragments) must be presented in case of registration of the color version of the trademark.

To submit an application from an individual entrepreneur or organization, you must attach:

  • A copy of the certificate of state registration of the enterprise
  • A copy of the tax code receipt TIN
  • Location address of the organization

We will help you to obtain registration documents for your trademark, taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation, which determines the significance of each logo or trademark for any type of company or enterprise.

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