How to stretch shoes

How to stretch shoes photoEveryone knows that the quality of modern shoes leaves much to be desired. Chinese consumer goods flooded our entire market. Even more offensive, when a purchased pair of shoes turned out to be small and tight. But this misunderstanding can be corrected if you know how to stretch your shoes at home.


How to stretch leather and suede shoes.



Before discussing the topic, how to stretch leather and suede shoes, one important note should be made. Such work should be done very carefully. Leather and suede shoes are not cheap, and if there is a check, then it is better to change it to the appropriate size. There is a certain probability to spoil the look. Skin may crack, color may change. It is possible to get rid of stains not suede, but it is better to avoid it.How to stretch shoes photo


But if you still decided to stretch your shoes at home, the safest way would be using vegetable or castor oil.

  • You can apply and petroleum jelly. This is done as follows. Oil rubbed shoes both outside and inside.Then shoes and walk around the apartment. After 1 ... 2 hours, shoes should be removed and wiped thoroughly. If the leather product begins to creak, then the sole is smeared with a thin layer of castor oil. After drying, the creak should pass.
  • There is also a method of increasing the size with a 3% solution of vinegar. Shoes wiped them only from the inside. Vinegar is a rather aggressive substance and can cause a change in the color of the product. Then the shoes wear out in the same way as in the previous method.
  • The most gentle method using paraffin. To do this, rub the inside of the shoe with a candle and leave it overnight. In the morning paraffin should be removed from the skin. But to lengthen the heel, shoes gently smear a thin layer of alcohol, and then smear candle.
  • Recently, a lot of sprays have appeared to increase the size of shoes. It is believed that they are safer than all the above methods and are suitable not only for leather and suede products, but also for all other materials. If you are afraid to expose your shoes to chemicals, then you can choose some means from the developments of the manufacturers of shoes.The best sprays are available under the Oke, Twis, Silver, Kiwi, Salton, Duke of Dubbin and Salamander trademarks. This spray is applied to the place of the shoe, which presses the most. Then put on woolen socks and wear shoes. But before you begin to wear the product from the skin in this way, you should read the instructions.

What shod photo today

How to stretch faux shoes.



The question of how to stretch faux shoes is somewhat easier. More ways and the result is more predictable than for genuine leather. The answer as leads the most simple and effective of them.

  • With the help of ice and frost.Water is poured into plastic bags and tightly tied. Then this package is placed in the shoes and cleaned in the freezer or on the balcony (in winter). Turning into ice, the water will stretch shoes in all directions.
  • With the help of heat.You can increase the size of the shoe, not only cold but also heat. Wear a woolen sock and wear shoes. Then, using a powerful hair dryer, direct the stream of hot air until you feel the heat. When the shoes are warm enough, you start to walk as much as possible until the shoes cool down.
  • Stretch shoes with vodka.You can stretch shoes with vodka with the addition of cologne, mixed in the same proportions. This composition is wiped shoes inside and out. But smear the outside only in those places where it presses the most. Diversify in the same way as described in other ways, i.e. in a woolen sock. Perform such work should be extremely accurate. There is some likelihood that shoes can change their color or crack from a large amount of alcohol.
  • With the help of wet newspapers.To do this, shove as many wet newspapers as possible into shoes. It will just have to wait until they are completely dry. The size of the shoes should increase.
    Stretch shoes with wet paper photo

    Stretch shoes with wet newspapers photo

  • With the help of whole grains.This method is also called cowboy. Grain is filled in shoes and water. Then the shoes should stand for about 12 hours in a fairly warm place. Do it better at night. In the morning, the swollen grain is removed, and the shoes must be worn on their feet and begin to wear until the shoes become dry. But there is one "but." You should not be in wet shoes for more than 30 minutes ... 1 hour.
  • With the help of boiling water.This method is not safe.To resort to it costs only as a last resort. The shoes are filled with 50 milliliters of boiling water for a few seconds. Then you pour hot water and put your shoes on your feet. Walk around the apartment in a fast and slow pace.

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