Strip footing

The strip foundation is a closed outline of reinforced concrete, the task of which is to retain the supporting walls of the structure on its surface, and to evenly distribute the weight of the entire building. Therefore, the construction of the foundation should be taken thoroughly and responsibly. If mistakes are made during construction, in the future their result can seriously affect the whole structure, and it will be very difficult to make corrections.
 Tape footing device
At the current time, the tape foundation has been widely used with low-rise construction. It is relatively simple to manufacture, reliable, and the cost of the work is not expensive. Before building the foundation, you should be familiar with the manufacturing technology, it will help to calculate the costs. It is necessary to take into account the composition of the soil, soil freezing and the total weight of the building.From these indicators will be determined by the width and depth of the basement. It is also necessary to take into account that the depth of the foundation should in any case be lower than the depth of soil freezing.
 Construction of strip foundations
Construction of the foundation begins with the preparation of the site: clearing, garbage collection, and surface leveling. Further, the perimeter is marked by the number of load-bearing walls. Stakes are driven in along the perimeter in the corners, which will be beacons. Be sure to check the corners so that they are 90 degrees, and also check all the diagonals. Foundation dredging depends on the particular climate, soil, as well as the material that will be used in the construction of the building. However, the minimum depth should be 400 millimeters. The lowest place located at one of the outer corners will be the starting point of the depth. After determining the depth and width of the foundation, excavation is carried out. After selecting the desired depth around the perimeter, sand is poured at the bottom of the trench, then rammed, and the sand must be wetted with water.The thickness of the sand cushion should be 200-300 millimeters. It is very important to follow the horizontal sand cushion, there should be no slopes.
 Strip foundation device
The formwork is made of edged boards. A feature of this system is the smooth surface of the material used, which will greatly facilitate the finishing of the outer part of the foundation. Boards have a certain size, it makes it much easier to adjust the height of the structure. Shaped boards of the same size from boards are installed on the bottom of the trench, strictly vertically, aligned in height and well fixed.
 Construction of strip foundations
The reinforcement process is a very important moment in the production of the foundation. The framework from fittings gives durability and the necessary flexibility to the concrete basis. When forming a frame from reinforcement, reinforcement should be avoided by welding, for this purpose a special binding wire is well suited.The distance between the longitudinal bars of the reinforcement should not exceed 30 centimeters, and between the vertical bridges from 30 to 80. The reinforced frame should be placed so that its base is indented from the base of the base from 3 to 5 centimeters. At this stage, you need to lay all the transitions for communications, otherwise in the future you will have to destroy the monolith.
 Construction of strip foundations
Pour concrete in one approach, only in this case you can achieve a monolithic foundation, but it does not need to hurry. The solution is served in portions and distribute it around the perimeter. Tamping solution, is required in order to avoid voids and force out excess air. This is done by a special concrete vibrator. When the specified height is reached, the surface is leveled. Next, the strip foundation needs care during the month: if the weather is rainy, then it is covered with a film, and in hot weather - it must be wetted with water (1-2 times a day) in order to prevent cracks in the concrete. After a month on the foundation, construction work can be carried out.

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