Stylish polo t-shirt options

If before polo shirts were considered strictly masculine, today they are an integral part of women's wardrobe. But in order to look stylish in such a thing, you need to learn how to wear it correctly.

How to make the right choice?

Creating an ideal image begins with the selection of things. And when buying a polo shirt, you should be guided by the following criteria:

  1. The size. It is very important to choose it correctly, since the big thing will seem baggy and nullify femininity, while the small one will tightly embrace the body and expose all disadvantages in an unfavorable light. A polo shirt should be slightly skinned, but at the same time it should sit quite loosely and not hinder movement, because it is intended, first of all, for people leading an active lifestyle.
  2. The cloth. Choose a sufficiently dense, not translucent material. In addition, it must be elastic, which is achieved by the inclusion of elastane or lycra in the composition. And you should also pay attention to the fact that the fabric allows air to pass through and quickly evaporates moisture, otherwise it will be uncomfortable and stuffy in things.
  3. Style.You can find both straight unisex polo shirts and more feminine and slinky ones on sale. Different may be the length. The choice will depend on the characteristics of your figure: if it is close to the ideal and attractive, then emphasize its merits with a fit fit. And if you want to hide flaws, then choose a direct and looser model. In addition, the thing should not be too short, its optimal length - to the top of the buttocks.
  4. Colour. A white polo shirt is considered to be universal, which will fit into any image and will harmonize with almost all colors. Black color will bring some charm. A bright thing of a rich and juicy shade will refresh the kit, and this is exactly what you need in the summer.
  5. Prints and decorative elements. Monochrome models are most common, but there are also added prints. Especially popular are various inscriptions: both large and eye-catching, as well as small ones, forcing one to peer at them. Geometric patterns such as diamonds are popular. Refresh and dilute the monotony of the strip: of different thickness, contrast, ordered or chaotic.And female models can be decorated with floral or floral patterns. Embroidered brand logo, contrast buttons, zippers, applications can be used as decorative elements.

How to wear polo?

What can I wear with a polo shirt to look stylish, modern and fashionable? Consider the most successful options:

  • To create a romantic and feminine look, wear a polo shirt with a skirt. And you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable or favorite style. So, the thing goes well with straight short models of denim, denim or cotton. You can also choose wrap skirts or light flared, but simple and not too extravagant. Another option is a fitted pencil model, made from knitwear: in recent seasons, this has been very fashionable.
  • Women's polo shirt matches perfectly with trousers of different styles. To create a casual and comfortable set, you can choose the “culottes”, which over the years have returned to fashion and became popular. To emphasize the dignity of the figure and show slender legs, wear shorter trousers "pipes".A straight cut is also suitable, but not classic and not suggesting strict arrows. The ease and ease of the image will add such details on the trousers as pockets and doorways.
  • The perfect casual look is a polo shirt with jeans. They will fit into a casual look and make it more youthful. Models can be almost anything: from narrowed skinny to straight and free boyfriends. Color options are also not limited and depend only on the shade of the polo, with which the bottom of the set should be in harmony.
  • In hot summertime, polo can be combined with shorts, including short jeans and lighter fabrics. They can sit free or fit, but not too tight, otherwise you risk looking vulgar. One should be more careful with the length: it is better to choose the middle one and not worry about what it will be decided on ultrashort and constantly be afraid of judgmental views.
  • In cool weather, a bomber jacket, a sports trowel, or even a straight blazer can be worn over a polo.

We should also write about shoes. Since polo is more casual or sporty, you should choose the appropriate models.These can be sneakers or sneakers, slip-on sneakers, ballet flats, simple flat sandals, sneakers.

Accessories are made in the same directions, so you can complement the image with a backpack or a roomy bag on a long strap, worn with a skirt or trousers with a thin strap, youth wrist watch. Leave bright decorations for another occasion, they will be redundant and inappropriate.

If you have not yet acquired a youth polo T-shirt, but are thinking about such a purchase, now you can definitely choose the right model, fit it into your wardrobe and combine it skillfully with other things.

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