Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds

Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds

Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds

Probably, there is no such girl who would not dream of a beautiful bronze tan. That's just not every person in the middle of winter can afford an expensive trip abroad to rest just for this purpose. In this situation, the solarium comes to the rescue.

In our article, we will open some valuable "secrets" of visiting a tanning salon, which are known only to regulars. If you are new to this business, then this article is for you. In it, we will tell you which tanning creams to give preference to, how long you can tan in a tanning bed so as not to get a dark brown face and what to do to keep your ears from white. And a lot of interesting things about how to save on the sticker and the cap, how to make a beautiful shadow from the strings. And in general, is it worth sunbathing in this way, and how bad it is for your health.


A few secrets of buying cosmetics for tanning



It is in the solarium, you can purchase special cosmetics for tanning beds. Perhaps you will think that it is difficult to understand. But in fact, everything is extremely easy.


1. Rule number one: the cream that you need in the first place - face cream. It is advisable to immediately purchase a large jar of this cream. Tanning managers can offer you more expensive cosmetics, and probably the reason is that they make a profit from selling it.


2. In addition to the face cream, you must also buy a body cream. It will be useful to you in two versions:


  • Body cream for the first days of sunburn. We advise you to purchase a small package, because you will need it only during the first two or three sessions.
  • Body cream for strongly tanned skin. They stock up in more, because it really comes in handy.


3. Do not forget to buy a protective lipstick for tanning beds (hereinafter we will tell you what purpose it may still be useful to us).



Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds


Which cosmetics is better to prefer? Expensive or cheap?


The only difference between expensive cosmetics and its cheaper counterparts is that it is easier to apply.You can be sure, for the rest, there is almost no difference. Both with the first, and with the second option tan will turn out beautiful.


A few secrets of tanning face in a tanning salon


  • 1. Be sure to apply face cream immediately before a tanning bed. He will protect your skin from photo-aging.
  • 2. As with the face cream, be sure to put on a protective lipstick in front of the solarium.
  • 3. If you see pink lamps in the solarium, beware of them. Their main purpose is to provide an intense tanning of the neckline and face. But the thing is: the face sunbathes much faster than the body, so the risk of getting burnt increases. Therefore, if you do not want to amaze passers-by with your red-brown face, avoid such a lamp and shorten the time of sessions.
  • 4. Pay attention, and under ordinary lamps you can get this shade. But, you see, it does not look very natural in winter.


So far, there are no tanning beds for the body (and only in some cities there are tanning facilities only for legs), so an ordinary towel will help you in this situation. Just cover your face with a towel during tanning. Of course, it is more convenient to do this in a horizontal tanning bed, but if you wish, you can also apply it to the vertical.



Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds



Tanning after tanning, tanning products




Glasses and solarium.The necessary accessory in the solarium - glasses.But if you follow all the rules, and throughout the entire session is in them, the face will remain circles. Therefore, periodically during the session they need to be removed and their eyes are covered with their hands. And then generally remove your hands for two minutes. The face should tan evenly.


How to protect the hair in the solarium?Protect hair in the solarium can be a special cap, which you can buy in a solarium. Surely, this hat will be used only by you, so you can wear it until it is fully stretched. And do not forget to open your forehead and ears, wearing a hat. Otherwise they will remain white.


How to protect breasts in the solarium?To protect the nipples in the solarium, you will need a sticker - this is really a necessary thing, that's just not everyone can afford it. How to be? Here you need a protective lipstick. Just carefully coat her nipples. Do not hesitate, the protection will not be worse, because when using lipstick characteristic unburned spots on the body remain.



Tanning in tanning beds, tanning products in tanning beds



How to sunbathe in the solarium?



Tanning body in tanning beds. Pigment spots, tattoos and moles will help you protect lipstick for tanning, because UV rays are not desirable on these areas of the body.


Panties for tanning bedNot many girls sunbathe in the solarium without underwear, but not everyone manages to get a beautiful shade from the pants. It was especially ugly when a girl experimented with them: she got tanned in some, then in others, and in the third case she didn’t wear them at all. As a result, there is a whole range of stripes on the body. But this problem is easy to solve - just buy special panties for tanning beds. You can purchase ordinary cotton thongs that will give the shade that you like. And do not necessarily buy expensive.


Try to always sunbathe in the same panties. Do not be afraid to smear panties with cream, while in a tanning bed - you can boil them after the session. Before entering the tanning salon, straighten the thongs on the body carefully so that they coincide with the previous tan - the lines will be perfectly emphasized.


How to be back?Not very comfortable to apply the cream on your back before a session? How to be back? Do not smear! This is really not necessary to do, because the back and so well sunbathes. Usually there is almost no noticeable transition from the body to the back. And if you wish, you will not be able to spread it normally. But the mood of this can be spoiled. 


PalmsAfter you have smeared the body, be sure to wipe your palms with a damp cloth. Usually tanning cream contains a small amount of tanning, so you can get brown palms. 


For your own safety.Observing elementary recommendations, you can protect yourself from fungi, scabies and other infections. Before you go to the solarium, wipe with a damp cloth all that you will undertake. At the end of the session, wipe your feet and hands with a damp cloth. At home, take a shower.Have a nice and beautiful tan!

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