Many of us prefer Japanese cuisine, among which the most original dish is probably sushi or rolls. Sushi can be cooked at home, it is not at all necessary to visit expensive sushi bars to satisfy your appetite. So, in order to prepare sushi at home, you will need the following ingredients: - rice (300-350 grams);- sheets of noria (seaweed pressed in the form of a sheet, approximately 5 sheets are required); - salmon fillet of salmon in oil; - fresh cucumber (one is enough); - butter (40 grams ); - salt (slightly less than a teaspoon) and vinegar (one tablespoon). 1)
 Sushi home
Pour the rice into a suitable container. You can use special rice for sushi, but from the usual it also turns out quite well. 2)
 Sushi at Home
Rinse the rice thoroughly and cover with warm water for half an hour. Then cook on low heat for no more than 10 minutes. 3)
 Sushi at Home
Drain, add oil, salt and vinegar.Stir and let cool. 4) Sushi at Home
Lay a sheet of Noriya with a smooth side on a plastic bag (I use a bag instead of a bamboo napkin). 5)
Sushi at home
Cut the cucumber into four strips, drain the oil from the pink salmon fillet. 6)
 Sushi at Home
On the sheet of noria, evenly decompose the cooled rice. The leaf absorbs moisture from rice, becomes elastic and easily folds. 7)  Sushi at Home Lay out the filling in strips along the entire length of the sheet. 8)
Sushi at Home conditions
Then gently wrap in the" roll ". Cut into slices with a knife previously moistened with water. From one such "roll" turns out 6-7 rolls, not counting the side waste. 9)  Sushi at Home That’s such a tasty treat. 10)
Sushi at home
Sushi is better with soy sauce, as it gives a certain sharpness.With the filling you can experiment, for example, instead of fresh cucumber take salty, or fresh avocado, and replace the fish with chicken, mushrooms, ham. In general, anything.

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