Taylor Swift turns out to be a Harry Potter fan.

Publication from Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)25 Jun 2018 at 5:01 PDT

No matter how much they criticize "Harry Potter" and its creator, for Taylor these are empty words - she is, as it turned out, a hot fan of the Boy Who Lived. They are ready to argue, the singer couldn’t imagine that after the above, the whole debate would unfold on the web: the fans are arguing over what faculty the girl would study if she got to Hogwarts.

"Taylor? Pff. Only Slytherin.
“Slytherin, definitely! She has so many ambitions! ”
"And it seems to me that she could equally well get into both Slytherin and Puffenduy."

It is a pity that Rowling herself did not comment on the discussion.

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