Ten useful books on self-development

Self-development is a useful exercise that will allow you to discover your new qualities and improve existing ones. But developing independently without a mentor is not easy, and if you do not have the opportunity to attend courses or trainings, try to draw information from books. But first find out which ones are really worth reading.

So, the top 10 interesting books on self-development:

  1. “How to put things in order.The Art of Productivity without Stress". This book was written by David Allen, and he knows exactly how to improve life and change it for the better without destroying nerve cells. Many face such problems as lack of organization, lack of time, frequent delays and oversights. All this prevents to climb up the career ladder, spoils relations with friends, affects personal and family life. The author of the book tells how to learn to be more organized and more organized, improve the efficiency of his activities, and put his thoughts in order. Also, the emphasis is on relaxation, which, according to David, is the fundamental principle of life for any modern person.
  2. "How to work for four hours a week and do not hang around in the office" from the bell to the bell, live anywhere and grow rich ". Timothy Ferris's long title for this book is hard to remember, but you do not need to do this, it's important to read everything and get to the bottom of it. Of course, instantly quit routine work and become an independent will not work, but you will learn a lot of new and interesting.
  3. "How to fall in love with anyone". This book, written by Leil Lowndes, is worth reading for every single woman who dreams of getting married and meeting the one and only. The author will reveal all the components of the formula of love, which will help you to win the sympathy of absolutely any person. Leil shares with his readers proven and universal techniques that allow him to perfectly master the magic of feelings and any counter or casual acquaintance to turn into a friend, lover, helper or new client. You will be able to figure out how to find the ideal and get to know it, what the relationship should be, what to say and how, how to behave on the first and subsequent dates, and much more.
  4. "Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen ", Nellie McGonigal.Willpower is the real driving force that will lead you through life only forward and help you achieve your goal under any circumstances. Sometimes weakness prevents us from becoming successful, and such hindrances manifest themselves in various spheres of life: in maintaining shape, career, relationships with parents, in personal life. Often stress, emotions or fears do not allow us to pull ourselves together and act. Nelly offers several strategies and techniques, having mastered which, even the most weakly character and emotional person will learn to manage their desires, thoughts, feelings and sensations. After reading the book, you will feel stronger and more confident and can change your life for the better. Moreover, the proposed methods do not have gender differences and will suit both men and women.
  5. Dale Carnegie, who became famous throughout the world, wrote several works, but the book was the most popular and went down in history."How to win friends and influence people". And although it came out on the eve of the 21st century, when the whole world was expecting global changes, its concept remains relevant to this day. After reading this work of a specialist in the field of interpersonal relations Carnegie, you can get answers to important questions for many people.How to survive in this ever-changing world and stay human? How not to lose the trust of loved ones? How to make real friends and not lose the existing ones? All this you can find out by spending your time reading.
  6. "Games People Play. People who play games"Eric Bern. This is one of the most significant works in psychology, dedicated to human relationships. The author has developed a whole system that is able to free a person from the oppression of standards and life scenarios that affect behavior. Eric emphasizes that you do not have to play with others and with yourself, you need to get rid of prejudices and understand the true nature of people’s communication with each other, find out the motives of both your own and others' actions and actions and understand the causes of frequent disputes and conflicts.
  7. "Rich dad, poor dad". The author of this book, Robert Kiyosaki, laid the foundation of the two almost opposite principles of education based on the financial aspects of life. He contrasted his father, who worked as a civil servant, and his father's friend, who became the richest businessman in the Hawaiian Islands.While still a boy, Robert chose the path of his friend's dad and did not lose, although his own parents taught him something completely different. The author talks about what middle-class people never say to their children. He teaches readers not to work for money, but to strive for money to work for them and literally go into the hands of an endless stream. And the basic principle of Robert may seem very strange: he believes that almost all children in schools do not receive really useful knowledge about how to earn and enjoy life, and not fall under the oppression of needs.
  8. "Get out of the comfort zone". This book, written by Brian Tracy, was translated into forty languages ​​and has become one of the most popular, which proves that more than 1.2 million copies have been bought. The comfort zone is what surrounds us and provides peace of mind. But often such self-imposed framework limits activity and makes it difficult to achieve success. Brian himself once left his comfort zone and radically changed his life, and it was this that allowed him to become successful and famous, to win the respect and love of millions of people.If you want to achieve more, read the book and start acting today.
  9. "Know the liar by the expression of the face". The author of this book, Paul Ekman, knows exactly how to recognize a person by his facial expressions, and he shares such useful knowledge with his readers. Of course, reading will not turn your world upside down, but then you will learn how to literally read thoughts on facial expressions, reveal lies and see what others do not see.
  10. "Cash Flow Quadrant". This book was written by Robert Kiyosaki, already known to you, and it is worth reading. And the essence and the main idea of ​​the author is to know in which sector it is better to work and when. And if you find your niche and occupy it, you can learn how to make money without effort and avoid unnecessary expenses. The book is written primarily for thinking people who are ready for global financial and professional changes in order to move from an obsolete industrial sphere of activity into a modern information one, because the future is there.

These were the most interesting books that are worth reading for those who are engaged in self-development or just want to change something in themselves and their lives.

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