The advantages of a warm water floor NESO

NESO underfloor heatingis recognized as the most effective means of heating the room at the moment. The system combines several qualities at once, turning into advantages:

  • Aesthetics and safety. Heating elements are located out of reach for children and animals, do not spoil the appearance, do not make their amendments to the interior.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Maintain a uniform temperature throughout the room.

Installation of underfloor heating is carried out at the stage of finishing works. Under the heating elements, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the surface, and after their location - pour a cement mixture.

Advantages over the classic radiator system

The design feature allows the radiator system to effectively heat only the ceiling. Hot air, fully complying with the laws of physics, rushes up, crawls under the ceiling in search of the possibility of rising even higher.As soon as the cooling takes place, the air comes back in the hope that he will be lucky to rise again as a result of the convention. The traditional heating option has a rather low efficiency.

When warming the air in the room with a warm water floor NESO heat is evenly. In this case, unheated air zones are simply impossible. The absence of differences between cold and hot air inside the room creates the most comfortable conditions for human life. Installation of warm floors is made in accordance with the wishes of the person, adapting to its rules, and not vice versa.

Operating principle and design

To connect the entire network of pipes in the heating system using a small water circuit. It is customary to place it along one of the long walls of a room or along its perimeter. The circuit delivers the hot coolant to the heat pipes for heating, and the cooled one returns to the boiler.

The heat carrier, being distributed throughout the heat pipe, ensures uniform heating of the entire adjacent part of the floor. A design that combines a small water circuit with a high thermal conductivity of the elements can significantly reduce heating costs.


The NESO system is designed to heat any type of room. It can act as the main variant of heating, and as an auxiliary one. In the cottages warm water floors are increasingly replacing traditional designs. Safety, efficiency and convenience are valued by the owners of such real estate above all else. Installation of warm floors is not necessary to carry out immediately in all rooms of the cottage. The system can be mounted only where the owner considers it necessary. The quality of work, such restrictions do not have an effect when properly installed all the elements.

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