The basic principles of the diet ladder

Want to lose weight in a short time? You will help in this simple but very effective diet "Ladder".

What is this diet?

The authors of the diet "Ladder", unfortunately, are unknown, but this does not make it unpopular. On the contrary, the effect has already been tested by millions of women, and the results do exist. The duration is only five days, and during this time you can lose from 3 to 6 kilograms. And the name is explained by the fact that the diet consists of several steps, and consecutive.


The diet is strict, so do not increase its duration. It is also not recommended to observe it often, it is advisable to do it no more than once every two to three months, when you need to lose weight significantly and in a short time.

"Lesenka" has contraindications, they include: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcer and gastritis), pregnancy, breastfeeding, severe liver or kidney disease. In any case, it is advisable to first consult with your doctor.

How to follow a diet?

So, what is the diet "Ladder" used for weight loss. It consists of five stages, and each performs its specific functions.

Main stages:

  1. The first step is purification, which allows you to remove toxins from the body, improve its functioning and accelerate metabolism, which is very important when losing weight. During the day you need to eat 1 kilo of apples and drink a liter of water. It is also necessary to take activated charcoal: a pill every two hours. Fiber and pectins, contained in large quantities in apples, in combination with the sorbent will provide a full and effective cleaning. This is a kind of preparation for the remaining stages.
  2. The second step is recovery. After cleansing the body needs to be rehabilitated, and in this will help in containing useful bacteria and protein sour-milk products. The menu for the day consists of a liter of kefir (preferably low-fat or fat-free, containing bifidobacteria) and 600 grams of fat-free cottage cheese. Thus, the body will not be loaded with heavy food, and the work of the intestine will be normalized.
  3. The next third stage assumes an energy recharging, and this will give strength to further stages.On this day, you need to use 2 tablespoons of natural honey (preferably a flower), 300 grams of raisins and compote of dried fruits (if it turns out unsweetened, use fructose instead of sugar). This stage is very important. First, the brain will receive glucose. Secondly, the glycogen consumed over the previous two days, which is required for the effective burning of fat deposits, will enter the body. And yet you can cheer up and tune in to positive results.
  4. The fourth stage is construction or regeneration. For the formation of new cells, protein is necessary, and that is what you will receive at this stage. The daily menu includes boiled chicken or turkey (only 500 grams, not more), water and greens. Moderate salting of the bird is allowed, but do not overdo it! During this time, you will receive the required dose of protein and start the process of tissue renewal, as well as provide nutrition to the muscle tissues.
  5. The last fifth stage is active fat burning. You cleansed the body, normalized digestion, and also received carbohydrates and proteins. It's time to start the process of burning fatty deposits.And for this in the day you need to eat 1 kilogram of raw vegetables or fruits, 200 grams of oatmeal in the form of porridge cooked on the water. For salad dressing, it is allowed to use olive oil, but not more than one or two tablespoons. Such products contain a large amount of fiber, which, firstly, gives a feeling of satiety, and secondly, triggers the process of energy consumption, that is, in fact, reducing the volume of the body. And vegetables are low in calories. As for oatmeal, they have the carbohydrates necessary for the correct functioning of the brain, but they are complex, that is, they are consumed gradually and slowly, but they do not go “to the reserve”.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the diet "ladder":

  • Efficiency. As shown by numerous reviews, weight really goes away at a rapid pace and without harm to health (if you follow all the rules).
  • The diet is short, it lasts only five days.
  • All products included in the menu are available, so you do not need to look for them in stores and spend a lot on purchasing.
  • Simplicity. First, the principles of diet are understandable for everyone, it is impossible to get confused. Secondly, you do not need to prepare complex dishes and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


  • Since the diet is strict, not everyone can withstand it, some break already in the first days.
  • There may be a feeling of hunger, because the volume of consumed products is limited.
  • "Ladder" is not for everyone, there are contraindications.


Recommendations for those who decided to try the diet for themselves:

  • It is desirable to divide the entire daily volume of food into several small portions, this will allow not to experience hunger during the day.
  • Do not change the sequence of steps, it is very important!
  • You can not increase the amount of authorized products.
  • If you are feeling hungry, try drinking water or distracting from thoughts about food, for example, with your favorite occupation or walk.
  • So that all the lost kilograms will not come back again, after “The Ladder” follow the rules of dietary nutrition: if possible, give up flour, fat, sweet, fried.

Ready for a change? Then change the shape with this diet!

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