The basic rules of friendship at a distance

Friendship is a real gift. But if friends are at a distance, then to keep the relationship is not easy. To maintain such a friendship, learn and follow a few rules.

Communicate more often

Distance is not an obstacle for communication, especially if we consider that in the modern world there are a lot of ways to keep in touch (about this a little later). Ideally, it is better to contact every day, even a little. You can just talk about the past day, remember something together, discuss the events taking place in the world.

It is possible to establish communication at the same time, it will be more convenient for both interlocutors. If you are separated not only kilometers, but also time zones, choose the option that suits everyone. Set a certain sequence of calls, so that no one was hurt.

Advice: there are different situations in life, and its rhythm makes its own adjustments, so if for some reason you didn’t have time to contact today, you shouldn’t be offended. Just the next day, make a connection and find out if everything is in order with your friend, and also find out what exactly prevented the contact.

Use different ways to communicate

So that the friendship is not boring, you can use different methods of communication:

  • SMS and phone calls. This is the easiest and most common way available to everyone. Mobile phone is always at hand, so you can keep in touch all the time. But communication services can be expensive, so be prepared for costs. Although if you pick up a favorable rate and connect useful features, you can save.
  • Special applications, instant messengers. This method is more convenient and less expensive, so I managed to become very popular. Messages come almost instantly, so you can have lively online conversations.
  • Video Calls. Using the program "Skype", you can not just hear each other, but also to see.
  • Letters Although this method is very outdated, many people underestimate it. Writing letters is interesting and exciting: in them you can put your soul, laying out all the most intimate. And the process of writing and reading is a real pleasure.
  • Social networks. Communication in them has a lot of advantages, because you can not only exchange messages, but also share your favorite songs, videos, records.

Tip: if three or more people are friends, they can also communicate, for example, by creating a group chat.

Arrange meetings

How to keep friendship at a distance? Even if you are separated by hundreds of kilometers, you can and should meet, at least occasionally. Several options. For example, you can arrange to take turns to visit each other. You can also meet in neutral territory or travel together.

It is better to arrange personal meetings with a certain periodicity, making them an obligatory tradition. So, you can coincide with some memorable date, such as a holiday or a day of your acquaintance. The frequency of meetings will depend on the capabilities of friends, because traveling over long distances is expensive, problematic and not always possible. But it is desirable to see at least once a year.

Participation and genuine interest

The main rule of friendship is participation in each other's lives. Therefore, be sure to tell about everything that happens in your life, share news and secrets, reveal secrets to each other and keep them. Moreover, for the interest to be genuine, friends should carefully listen to each other, give advice, discuss some situations, share opinions.

Friends must remember all important dates: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, children's birthdays, and so on. And, of course, congratulate each other on all holidays.

Surprise each other

Friendship between girls can be supported by surprises and new pleasant emotions: the fair sex love this very much. Ways to amaze each other mass:

  • Send a nice postcard for no reason by writing something nice in it.
  • Try dedicating a poem or song to a friend.
  • Call the radio and order a song. But before that, ask a friend to set up the desired wave.
  • Order the delivery of flowers to your friend's address.
  • Record the video and send it to your friend.
  • If possible, you can suddenly come to visit, without warning about the visit.
  • Send a gift by mail. It can be something simple, but very pleasant, for example, a soft toy, a statuette, a painting, a soft pillow. And even better to make a gift with your own hands, for example, to embroider a picture, to tie a scarf.

Find something in common

Friendship between men and women can be based on common interests. So, representatives of the stronger sex can discuss fishing, hunting, weapons or something else. And girls or women will be interested to talk on topics such as design, psychology, cooking, parenting, handicraft, interior design and so on.

If there are no common interests yet, then find them. So, you can agree to read one book or watch one series, and then discuss what you read or what you see. Try to find a common hobby that will be interesting to you two.

Friendship at a distance is not an easy job. But if you know and follow a few rules, you can maintain and maintain relationships for many years.

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