The best body care masks

Coffee mask

To prepare it, take the natural coffee finely ground. It not only perfectly tones the skin and speeds up metabolic processes, but also gives the body a hint of light tan and a pleasant noble aroma. So, in a separate container, mix the coffee and olive oil so that a mass is obtained, the consistency of which will be convenient for application. Apply the product on the body and wait about 40-50 minutes. Then rinse and apply a light moisturizer to the skin.

Honey mask

Honey has a number of unique properties that are incredibly beneficial to the skin. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the cells of the epidermis and nourishes them with vitamins and trace elements. In addition, honey normalizes the water balance and improves blood circulation. It can be easily combined with different components, resulting in an incredibly useful and simple masks. Remember that this procedure has a number of contraindications, including an allergic reaction to bee products.

To prepare the mask, mix 15 grams of dry yeast with 5 tbsp. cream Leave the mixture for a while in a warm place. Add honey, heated in a water bath, when you see that the yeast is already gone. Apply the mask on problem areas of the body and leave for 1 hour.

Mask with clay and seaweed

In a coffee grinder, grind up 2-3 tablespoons. dry kelp and mix with pre-diluted clay. Add a few drops of lemon oil or bitter orange. Apply the product on the body, leave for about an hour and wash it off in the shower.

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