The choice of profession - we make an important decision

The choice of profession is a very important step, which in many respects can determine the future life, material condition, as well as satisfaction with oneself and living conditions. From this much depends, it is a fact. But how to make a choice and not make a mistake?

Manual for parents

It's no secret that parents often decide the fate of children. And this is fundamentally wrong. And some mothers and fathers are so stubborn and powerful that they literally ruin the dreams of their children and force them to do what they absolutely do not want to do. It turns out that a person will work without pleasure, every day make efforts on themselves.

What is so good about it? Such people will not be successful not only in their profession, but in life, in general. There will always be a feeling of dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with your life.

A lot of professions

So all parents want to immediately wish to be wise and allow their children to make such important decisions on their own. Mom or Dad can only offer options and give some advice to the student. But he must make the final choice himself. After all, a bad experience is also an experience.And life is just beginning. If there comes an understanding that the choice is wrong, there is always time and the opportunity to fix everything and choose something else.

Are there sex differences?

It was always believed that the girls fit one profession, and the guy - completely different. But is it? Equality reigns in the modern world. Women serve in the army, men with pleasure choose such professions, as a cook, hairdresser or stylist. So if a young, fragile lei suddenly wants to become, for example, a bus driver (anything can happen), then do not ridicule such intentions or discourage the girl.

It is likely that she will make an excellent driver. And from a young man with strong hands and good dexterity, which could become a fireman, an excellent cook will come out if he wants to. So, sex differences in the choice of profession have long since sunk into oblivion.

Define a profession by temperament

Temperament, strangely enough, can help to move in the right direction and choose what will work out most. Here are a few options:

  1. If a teenager is exposed to mood changes, often lazy, hard converges with people and joins the collective, but knows how to notice the little things and is pretty critical, then most likely he is a melancholic.In this case, such professions as a composer, artist, painter, seamstress, molar, mechanic, agronomist, writer, veterinarian, geologist, or mechanic may be appropriate. But the professions associated with communication with people and increased activity, hardly suitable.
  2. If the student is slow, does not aspire to the initiative, is scrupulous, patient and accustomed to monotonous work, then he probably belongs to the category of phlegmatic people. Such people are ideally suited to the professions associated with calculations, documents (clerk, chief accountant, economist). But the leadership and initiative of such people can frighten. Slowness will prevent mastering such professions as a manager or a surgeon.
  3. If a teenager is able to focus on something important, do several things at once at the same time, perform large volumes of work, show organizational skills, but at the same time can not tolerate monotony, the need to delve into the little things and do something one for a long time then he is a sanguine person. Such a person will easily be given a profession related to organizational activity or leadership.But such professions, as an accountant, bookkeeper and other similar - are not at all what you need.
  4. If the student is not afraid of difficulties and easily overcomes any obstacles, and is also creative, independent and inclined to bring everything to the end, then he is a choleric person. Such people are stubborn, but sometimes not persistent enough. In addition, they tend to overestimate their abilities and capabilities. Choleric professions such as journalist, merchandiser, television reporter, manager, trainer, entrepreneur, pilot, surgeon, director and others who demand energy and high concentration of attention are easily given. But everything connected with monotony and calculations is contraindicated.

Dreams Come True!

How to choose a future profession correctly and not make a mistake? Sometimes you need to trust your heart and follow the dream. So if a teenager dreams of singing, why not try it? Nothing is impossible. Striving for success, faith in yourself, perseverance and patience will help to achieve success in any field.

Which path to choose?


And do not persuade the child, and especially something to forbid him. Perhaps he himself will understand in a few years that he has made the wrong choice.But it will be much worse if he goes in the wake of his parents (and sometimes it is simply impossible to go against them) and will regret all his life that he did not believe in himself and did not try to fulfill his dream.

Prestige, income or interest?

Many people choose this or that profession only because it is prestigious. Yes, this moment is important, but if the soul does not lie in such an activity, then success in this area will not succeed. And at the same time, if the work is interesting, then it can inspire so much that it will be possible to do everything to get pleasure from the profession and at the same time to provide your life with dignity.

And one more important point is the income. Yes, everyone wants to live beautifully and not to deny themselves nothing. But it is worth noting that everything is changing. And the fact that today is not so well paid, tomorrow may become popular. In addition, if the money will go through constant efforts on themselves, they will cease to please at some point. If a profession forces one to compromise one’s own principles, then satisfaction cannot be obtained.

Try and choose

If a teenager can not make a choice, then there is a sense in something to try yourself now.For example, you can go on vacation time to work as a seller or someone else. In addition, there are all sorts of courses hairdressers, managers and so on. You can enroll in such courses to learn the subtleties of the profession and to understand whether it is suitable, whether it is interesting.


Today on the Internet you can find all sorts of tests to determine the preferred profession. Sometimes they really help and guide you on the right path. So let the student pass such a test and evaluate its results, make certain conclusions.

Choose an activity to your liking

Helpful Tips

Finally, some useful tips for those who still can not decide:

  • It is worth remembering their inclinations and talents. Probably in childhood a teenager drew perfectly. He can become a designer or fashion designer (especially if fantasy is developed).
  • It is worth being prepared for the fact that a mastered profession will not give what one would like. So no need to think that the choice made is the only one. Today you can get a few formations and learn several professions.
  • Think and plan for the future. The fact that today is not quoted, in a year may become popular and prestigious.
  • Fashion for the profession takes place, and this leads to a glut in the job market. For example, today there are a lot of managers and there are no workers at all.

Let the choice be right and informed.

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