The idea of ​​a mini garden is a living corner of nature, where you can escape from all

Do you want a corner where you could hide from everyone, relax and unwind, but complain that the space in the house / apartment does not allow? Hold on: isn’t the size of the room the main thing? As practice showed, the less space is allocated to the garden, the more beautiful and cozy it turns out! This phenomenon is explained very simply: in a small garden you need to fit all the most necessary and achieve harmony in the details, but it takes time and a burning desire. For tireless optimists, there are several options for small gardens that you can take as a basis for your future living corner!

Mini garden inside

Here you can show imagination and take as a whole room (for example, a loggia and a balcony) or just a small corner under the garden, gracefully enclosing it with, say, a glass partition. This garden is universal - it is suitable even for small apartments.

To create an individual garden style, use non-trivial designs.For example, plant small plants in interesting, hand-made pots, or create a hanging garden!

Modern mini garden

Do you want the garden to be stylish? Reduce the number of plants by focusing on a few large ones. Use wood, stone and ceramic constructions. You can put a small fountain.

Rustic mini-garden

Do you think that there is no place for artificial materials in the garden? Pay attention to the village mini-gardens - they are very cozy and, as a rule, they do not require large investments.

Mini-garden in oriental style

What can you say about the idea of ​​a mini-garden in the style of Zen Buddhism? In such a corner you can truly relax your body and soul. Use sand, rounded stones, interesting figurines to diversify the garden.

Mini-garden should ... expand?

Still want to have a little more garden? Then play with the light, color and arrangement of plants. Focus on pastel shades, leave more empty space, arrange the plants at the edges, thereby freeing the center.

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