The master made an original shopping bag: a master class

Author: Masha

Do you still use plastic bags? Then we go to you to help sew a simple and stylish shopping bag with your own hands.

Bags shoppers for a long time entered our life. They are practical, comfortable, roomy, easy to wash and store. They are beautiful in that they can reflect our attitude to the world with the help of cheerful inscriptions or pictures. A canvas shopping bag can always be twisted and taken with you as a spare. If you have long wanted to sew something like this, but did not know how, now is the time.

Shopping Bag — Materials and Tools

To sew such a bag, I spent about 30 minutes. Another 20 minutes left for the preparation and drawing of a pattern in the style of the Bogolan. The size of the shopping bag is 42 x 46 cm. The length of the pens is 50 cm.

  • Thick linen or cotton
  • Marker or paint for fabric
  • Tailor's needles
  • Simple pencil
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Thread
  • Ruler.

How to sew a shopping bag

The variant that I present today is roomy and noble due to the special technique of attaching pens.

1. Take a piece of fabric measuring 94 x 44 cm, bend in half with the front sides inward, retreat from the edge of 1 cm and grind off side sections. So that the threads do not pour, you can stitch the edges in a zigzag.

2. Cut a strip of fabric measuring approximately 86 x 5 cm. The length includes the distance between the side lines of the bag (42 cm), plus 2 cm for the seam allowance. I decided that this strip would be different in color, and made it pink. I like to introduce small accents.

3. We sew the ends of the strips on a sewing machine.

4. Put the finished strip aside to sew handles for our bag. To do this, we cut off two strips of fabric measuring 52 x 8 cm. The length and width of the handles can be any, therefore the dimensions are approximate.

5. Bend the fabric for pens in half, face down and grind the edges on a typewriter.

6. To be able to turn the knobs, sew one of the edges. Then we take a pencil and thread a wired edge on it so that the fabric roll gathers into folds. Holding the folds, stretch the pencil through them.We pull out all the fabric through the hole and unpack the seam.

7. Take a bag, retreat about 10 cm from each edge and pin the handles to the front side, as shown in the photo. The handles should be inside. The distance between them is about 15 cm.

8. Fold the strip of fabric and the edge of the bag with the front side inward and grind them back 1 cm from the edge. Thus, we sew handles and sew blanks.

9. We bend inward the not sewn edge of the strip inward by 1 cm, iron it and make a line along the edge. You can also stitch along the top edge to reinforce the handles.

The shopping bag is ready for decoration.

Pattern-style drawing

Bogolan or mud cloth- a special dyeing method and cotton cloth painting technique in Mali. God means “dirt,” and Lan means “with help.” Literally, this is a pattern made with dirt. Each pattern and combination of characters on the fabric have their own meaning. This peculiar language Bogolan is inherited from the mother of the daughter. Traditionally, such symbolism is used in narrow circles, and few people know what it means. Basically, these are natural phenomena, life and love.

What is truly magical is how simple, at first glance, patterns create a rather complex pattern in which there is something mystical.

When there is a ready bag in front of us, there is no right to make a mistake. To make it easier, I cut a rectangle out of white paper that corresponds to the size of a chauffeur and first draw a pattern on it. Then I calmly transferred it to the fabric with a pencil.

To draw an ornament, I used a special marker from IKEA to apply a pattern on the fabric. This was my first experience as a marker for textiles, which turned out to be very convenient. Unfortunately, I can not say anything about its durability. I know for sure that pictures applied with fabric and brush acrylic serve well and for a long time. Wait and see.

I really like what happened. With such a bag, neither to the store nor to the beach is it a shame. You can wash, you can reuse, you can decorate as you please. All the colors of the rainbow are at your feet.

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