The most interesting films in the genre of adventure

If you are a born traveler, then you probably like films about adventures. Find out which ones are the best, and be sure to check them out!

Top 10 Best Adventure Movies:

1. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". The daughter of the governor of Jamaica, Elizabeth Stone, is very different from girls from high society. She can not tolerate methods, does not like to wear corsets, does not enjoy social life, but at the same time is interested in pirate life and managed to fall in love with the simple blacksmith Will Turner, whom he knows from childhood.

Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl

But the father chose a different fate for the girl. He wants her to be the wife of a young and promising commander Norrington. And when he was about to make an offer to Elizabeth, an adventurer and pirate Jack Sparrow arrive in Jamaica, and the girl herself is abducted by pirates from a ship that Jack once ruled.

Sparrow along with her lover Elizabeth Will goes in search of a girl and a ship.But why did the pirates need the governor's daughter? And where are they taking her?

2. "Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark"- a masterpiece of all time, after the release of which a few more films were shot. Indiana Jones is a teacher and archaeologist who searches for treasure and is not afraid of difficulties. One day, agents of military intelligence come to him asking for help. Indiana should be the first to find the Ark of the Covenant that the Nazis are looking for.

Indiana Jones in search of the lost ark

According to legend, this artifact can make any army strong and invincible. And so he should not be in the hands of a scoundrel. Indiana is sent to the city of Tanis, in which the Ark is to be stored. But he must get ahead of not only the Nazis, but also his teacher Abner Ravenwood, because he is not only an expert on Tanis, but also the owner of the staff of Ra, who can show the way to the Ark of the Covenant. Can Indiana outsmart everybody?

3. “Back to the Future”. The main character of the film, Marty McFly, is a simple high school student who plays in a local rock band, loves to ride a skateboard and is friends with Dr. Emmett Brown. Everyone considers the latter insane, because what he studies is unrealistic and absurd to many.

Once Emmett calls Marty in the middle of the night and asks him to come to see a new invention. McFly learns that his friend has created a real time machine. The device looks like a simple car, but when it picks up a certain speed, it moves in time. When Marty escaped from criminals in a time machine, he happened to be in 1955, that is, he moved 30 years ago.

Back to the Future

But when he realized that there was no fuel to return, he was even more frightened. Marty saw his still very young parents, the future mayor working as a cleaner, as well as the young Emmett. And while the young scientist thinks what to do, McFly must do everything not to change the story.

4. “The Treasure of the Nation”. If you want to see something interesting, pay attention to this movie. The main character, Benjamin Franklin Gates, hopes that the legend of the great treasure of the nation, which the founders once hid in a secret place, is true. He dreams of uncovering secrets and finding treasure.

Benjamin has already received one clue to his grandfather, but others are to be found. He turns for help to his friend Riley Poole and influential treasure hunter Ian Howe.Using the map, the seekers set off on a journey and find the wreckage of Charlotte, the ship pointed to by the first key.

National Treasure

Ben finds a hint, and all three must go in search of the next key, but suddenly they quarrel and decide to split. Ian decided to act independently and assign all the treasures to himself. Can Riley and Benjamin defeat him?

5. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider". Lara Croft has been searching for treasure almost all of her adult life and managed to travel around the world. She lives in a huge estate, which is equipped with the most modern technologies and is used as a base for testing. Lara gets a new challenging task. May 15 will be a parade of planets, called syzygy.


In Venice, there is a meeting of the secret society of the Illuminati, who are trying to find and connect the two parts of the secret artifact before the end of the parade. At the same time, Lara dreams of a father who tells her about the mysterious Triangle of Light.

Upon awakening, Croft finds in the house a secret room and strange hours, the purpose and principle of the work of which the girl is still unknown. Trying to find answers to his questions, Lara stumbles upon the head of the Illuminati and draws the attention of dangerous criminals. Will she be able to get away from them and fulfill her main task?

6. The "Outcast". The main character Chuck Nolan is a successful and promising man. He works in one of the best postal services, which is famous for its speed of delivery of parcels. Chuck is pedantic and scrupulous, as well as very serious about his tasks, which, of course, can not help being liked by his superiors.


But in personal life, things are not so good. Because of the employment in the service of his beloved man gives too little time. But soon everything changes. The plane on which Chuck flies, crashes and falls into the ocean.

Nolan miraculously manages to escape, but he is on an uninhabited island. Chance to save a little, but Chuck decides to fight. He has a lot of time ahead, which was not enough before. He manages to reconcile himself with a new lonely life and change his views and principles. But will this help Nolan to return to his former life?

7. "Life of Pi". The ship, which was transported to the zoo of wild animals, falls into a storm and crashes. A boy named Pi is saved and finds that a boat has remained. But, climbing into it, he realizes that he was not the only survivor. Now he will have to get along with wild animals: hyena, zebra, orangutan and tiger.

Life of Pi

Pi knows that a tiger is much stronger than him, but does not want to die from his paws, therefore he gathers all his will into a fist and decides to prove that he is the main one. But hunger can push the tiger to many things, so Pi has to not only hide from the animal, but also provide him with food. Fortunately, the boat brings to the shore of some island. But seemingly salutary at first glance, this place turns out to be dangerous.

8. "The Game". The main character of a successful businessman Nicholas Van Orton will soon turn 48 years old. And this date scares him, because it was at that age that his father committed suicide. Nicholas's brother invites him to a restaurant and gives an unusual certificate to participate in a certain game.

A game

Such a proposal to Orton, who was tired of life, seemed interesting and tempting, so he agreed to participate. Nicholas does not yet know the rules, but employees of the company assure that everything will be in order. But suddenly tuned to the adventures of Orton reported that the game will not. He is upset, and yet very soon he realizes that this is not so. But will the game be pleasant and, more importantly, safe?

9. "The Lord of the Rings: The Brotherhood of the Ring". Listing interesting films, you can not forget about this fantastic adventure.According to the legend, the battle for the Ring, which can endow with power and might, lasted for several thousand years.

Lord of the rings, Brotherhood of the ring

In the quiet town of hobbits, the invited magician Gandalf Bilbo Baggins tells the story of a ring that Bilbo once found. Previously, it belonged to the dark lord Sauron, but now it turned out the young hobbit Frodo. The same must fight the thirst for power and those who want to take over the ring.

10. Interstellar. Drought and food shortages are forcing scientists to send a ship with several astronauts on an expedition through a black hole to find planets to which humanity could have moved. Among the astronauts is engineer Cooper, who brings up a son and daughter.


But everything goes wrong. Yet the unique capabilities of the human brain and the laws of space push Cooper to a clue. But he must be helped by a daughter, whom he did not see for many years because of the flight.

These were the most interesting adventure films.

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