The most popular step-by-step recipes from chicken

All housewives have a favorite pastime. Some are engaged in embroidery, others grow ornamental plants, while others learn culinary art. Today I will review the most popular recipes from chicken and tell you how to cook a chicken in the oven in its entirety, in a frying pan and in a multivark at home.

People domesticated wild chickens many centuries ago. This allowed us to grow birds and eat meat from them. Now everything is different. Having glanced in a butcher's shop or supermarket, you can buy any meat in fresh or frozen form.

Chicken meat is a source of nitrogen-containing substances, essential oils and glutamic acid. These substances bring a lot of benefit to the human body and provide dishes from the chicken with an astonishing smell. The chicken contains phosphorus, zinc and iron together with an extensive vitamin complex.

Chicken meat is considered a dietary product and an excellent substitute for pork, lamb and beef.It has many amino acids and protein, and the calorie content is insignificant.

Dietary part of chicken carcass is the breast, and the ham does not bring the body benefits. Nutritionists do not recommend using it even for the preparation of broths, since harmful substances settle in the ham. The fattest part is chicken legs. Because they have a lot of fat, it is recommended to refuse the use of the legs.

From chicken meat soup, borsch or rassolnik is prepared. It is used as the main ingredients for the preparation of salads, cutlets, ravioli and other delicacies. The chicken is also suitable for baking in the oven in its entirety, with the addition of spices, herbs and spices. Often, before baking, the carcass is stuffed with fruits, vegetables, and cereals. The type of filling depends on the taste preferences of the cook and the family.

Now I will share with you step-by-step recipes of dishes, which include chicken meat. Any of the culinary masterpieces, the technique of cooking which you learn, will take a worthy place on your table.

Chicken legs in the frying pan

Fried stew in the frying pan

I'll teach you to cook chicken legs in a frying pan. In every national cuisine there are wonderful recipes, but I liked only one because of the simplicity.Chicken legs are a universal treat that I serve to guests or put my child in a backpack as a dinner.

  • Chicken legs - 5 pcs.
  • Water - 1 glass.
  • Olive oil - 100 ml.
  • Ground coriander - 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Cumin - 1 tbsp. bed.
  • Pepper and salt.
  1. Chicken legs are watered and dried using a paper towel. Each leg thoroughly salt, sprinkle with cumin, pepper and coriander.
  2. Put a large frying pan on medium heat, heat up the olive oil and lay out the chicken legs. After two minutes of frying, turn over. Roast 12 minutes under the lid, periodically turning over.
  3. In the pan, pour a glass of water, reduce the heat slightly and cook until the liquid evaporates. During this time the chicken meat will become soft and fully cooked.

A delicious addition to the dish will be delicious pasta or flavored buckwheat.

Chicken baked in the oven entirely

Photo of a baked chicken

The topic of the next conversation will be a chicken baked in the oven entirely. A wonderful treat is prepared simply, but the aromatic qualities together with the solid appearance make the perfect solution for the New Year's menu.

I recommend using a chilled carcass to prepare this masterpiece. Fit and frozen, but in this case, no one will give a guarantee that the taste of the dish will be on the level. And this is fraught with disappointment.

The taste of the baked chicken depends on the marinade. If the carcase is properly marinated, the chicken will turn out juicy and tasty. For an ideal result, marinate meat for at least 4 hours in a cool place.

The final taste is influenced by the way of baking. Some cooks use a sleeve, other foil, and a third baking tray or a conventional form. Each of these options has features. Using a sleeve helps to get juicy meat, and in the form of a wonderful crust.

  • Chicken - 1 carcass.
  • Garlic - 4 slices.
  • Olive oil - 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Paprika - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  • Salt - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  • Dried basil - 1 teaspoon.
  • Ground pepper - 0.5 tsp spoons.
  1. First prepare the carcass. Rinse and dry with a paper towel. Put the chicken aside. While she gives the remnants of moisture, prepare the marinade.
  2. Pass through garlic garlic paste with paprika, olive oil, salt, pepper and mix. Taking a spoonful of the marinade, mix the mixture with the carcass from the inside.
  3. Put the chicken on the oiled form with the breast down, cover with marinade layer, turn the breast upwards and use the remaining marinade for rubbing.
  4. After an hour, the form, along with the prepared chicken, is sent to the oven. Bake at 75 degrees for 75 minutes. During this time the chicken will come to the ready and will get a fragrant crust.
Video Recipe

Using this recipe, you will prepare a tender chicken.

Chicken fillet with potatoes in the oven

Chicken in the oven with potatoes and broccoli

My husband often comes to my husband. I submit this culinary masterpiece to the table, and literally in a matter of minutes all the plates remain empty. This is another proof that the recipe is really good.

  • Chicken fillet - 1 kg.
  • Potatoes - 800 g.
  • Onion - 5 pieces.
  • Mayonnaise - 400 ml.
  • Cheese - 300 g.
  • Pepper, salt.
  1. First turn on the oven. While she warms up to 190 degrees, prepare. Wash meat and cut into thin slices.
  2. The bottom of the baking dish is covered with foil, oil and top with chicken, spread evenly. On top of the meat, put a layer of onion rings and salt.
  3. The next layer is made from potato plates, which are slightly salted and pepper. In the last place sprinkle with grated cheese.
  4. Fill the ingredients filled with ingredients in a hot oven for 40 minutes. Do not relax. After twenty minutes, check the dish.

This culinary creation I advise you to serve to the table together with a vegetable salad, which includes cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce leaves and a green onion. It will not hurt to add a little radishes, and as a dressing I recommend using sour cream. But you can take any other salad, for example, Caesar.

How to cook chicken in a multivark

Prepare chicken meat in a multivariate in various ways. It is combined with any garnish, whether it is rice, buckwheat or potatoes.

Before cooking, remove the skins and cut off excess fat. Otherwise, the dish turns fat. Before extinguishing it does not hurt to lightly fry the meat. As a result, the chicken will receive a rich flavor. Seasonings and seasonings should be used at the end of cooking.

  • Chicken - 1 pc.
  • Garlic - 1 head.
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs.
  • Salt pepper.
  1. Rinse chicken carcass for portions. Put the meat in a uniform layer on the bottom of the bowl, add crushed garlic, salt and spices.
  2. Water is not needed, let the meat is cooked in its own juice.It remains to close the lid of the device, activate for sixty minutes the quenching regime.
  3. As soon as the program is finished, immediately put the prepared dish on the table with vegetables or any other side dish.

Agree, cooking a chicken using a multivark is a simple task. At the same time, the ready-made meat is soaked with the smell of garlic and spices, as a result, the fragrance acquires a piquant note. In the same way I cook duck.

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Let's sum up. From the point of view of cooking, chicken meat is a universal and indispensable product. The number of dishes that can be made from it, it is impossible to calculate. It is known for sure that an adult chicken is used to make broths, and chickens are suitable for baking. I hope you found something useful in the article.

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