The most sexy surfers on Instagram

After all, girls are such girls that after watching a football match we can not remember a single goal, but capture the most handsome player in the mind, and during a basketball match, watch not the ball, but the most powerful and tanned participant on the field. What can you do if the athletes in our time - the most real sex symbols, which look nice even when they are, as they say, "not in the game." In particular, perhaps, this applies to surfers - they are in the list of athletes in general should take a separate category as the absolute dream men who live on the ocean and sparkle with muscles on the waves, as if in fact it is so easy and simple. We have entirely devoted this selection to them, so that you feel the approach of a hot summer and the sea from photographs.

Luke Steadman

At the dawn of his sports career as a professional surfer, Luke Stedman founded his own clothing brand (of course, all in the same tropical surf theme),and therefore his Instagram now competes with a fashionable blog - not only the 39-year-old handsome Luke himself, but also stylish things, beautiful places to travel, seascapes mixed with images from his collections.

Photo posted by I.W.S (@instedwesmile)Jun 15 2016 at 12:43 pm PDT

Jay alvarez

Jay is not a professional surfer, but a model. He famously became famous (by the way, he has much more followers than any surf-pro) thanks to his picturesque photos from Instagram travels. With the board, Alvarez poses more than rides, which does not negate the main goal - to look at his life on the ocean shore, and also on the curls faded from the sun and pretty face to the envy of pleasure.

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