The new procedure of the trade lift: the whole truth

It's no secret that any woman seeks to maintain the youth and beauty of her own body as long as possible: beautiful and healthy skin of the face, taut body - the cherished desire of many of the fair sex.

However, no matter how hard we try, with time and age, the skin loses its former elasticity, the facial contours are lubricated and lose its paramount shape, the oval of the face drops, the age changes become more noticeable every day stronger and stronger.

Save youth really

Of course, the first thing that women start to pay attention to is various rejuvenating cosmetics, but when they begin to realize that the effect is not what they would like to see in the mirror, then the lovely ladies begin to look for other, more serious ways of influencing.

Of course, not every woman, no matter how much she did not want to get covered with wrinkles and face other troubles, agree to go for surgery and plastic surgery, because many are aware of their periodically unpleasant consequences and accompanying "inconveniences".

But it turns out that non-surgical methods have been around for a long time, and all kinds of botox injections and other variations have long since been relegated to the background.

Now on the agenda is the injection method of rejuvenation with the help of mesothreads, in other words, thread lifting. For those who are not yet ready for serious surgical interventions, such a procedure will be an excellent option for quick and effective rejuvenation.

What is treadlifting mezonite?

If you do not go into complex terms and details, then this is an innovative procedure that can bring back your beauty and youth, without having to go through the cuts, pulling and a long rehabilitation time.

By its principle, this method is somewhat similar to gold threads, which literally not long ago made a lot of positive noise around themselves. But, best of all, mesothreads are a well-improved version that has many advantages over its early “relative”.

The meaning of the whole procedure is that with the help of special, very thin needles, absorbable polydioxane threads are introduced under the top layer of the skin of the face or another part of the body, which are coated with a special compound.

The procedure is carried out in such a way that the needle needles set the threads in the form of a kind of 3D frame, which provides the effect of instant tissue tightening.

Details of the procedure

Tredlifting is a simple and painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia, which, once completed, does not require serious painkillers.

By themselves, the needles and threads are so thin in diameter that they almost do not cause any discomfort, but the effect is amazing. At the reception to the specialist who will conduct the operation, you can go with a photo of yourself three or five years ago, after half an hour of therapy you will receive just such a young and beautiful face.

For the operation using spiral and linear mesothreads, and the length does not exceed 60-90 mm, and the specific type is selected depending on the area of ​​the problem zone and its neglect.

In just one operation, usually use about 20-30 threads that are distributed over the entire surface of the problem area, the exact number is usually determined by the doctor at the preliminary consultation.

Indications and contraindications for face and body dragging

The procedure itself is usually used in cases where there is a desire to get rid of eyebrow and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, from small crow's feet around the eyes, in fact, threadlifting cope with almost all common types of wrinkles.

In addition, the procedure helps to correct the lowered contour of the face, get rid of deep nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal sulcus, corrects sagging skin on the buttocks, abdomen, arms and thighs.

Beauty requires sacrifice

Of course, the list is quite impressive and pleasant, especially if one considers that the procedure itself takes you literally half an hour of time, after which you literally immediately shine with a “newly-made” appearance. But, as elsewhere, in this area there are also contraindications that must be taken into account before resorting to such a procedure.


Tredlifting procedure is not acceptable in those cases if you suffer from blood diseases, coronary heart disease or have problems with blood vessels.

In addition, the procedure is not performed in case of pregnancy of the patient, the presence of a lactation period, in feverish conditions, as well as in case of mental disorders.

In any case, if you are going to resort to the services of highly qualified specialists, they must necessarily prescribe a preliminary examination of your body in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Main advantages of mesothreads

In order to understand all the advantages of this miracle procedure, it is easier to compare it with gold threads. Each of the techniques is designed to affect the upper layers of the epithelium, while eliminating various sagging and wrinkles.

However, the 3D effect, which is achieved with the help of mesothreads, which work on the principle of “soft” collagenesis, which is the formation of new collagen in the depths of the skin, which leads to a serious rejuvenation and return of skin elasticity.

Mesothreads, unlike gold counterparts, consist of absorbable material, they allow the possibility of the subsequent use of any other hardware techniques of rejuvenation, while gold threads remain permanently in the tissues.

Be beautiful and young

The procedure for the introduction of gold threads can only carry out a plastic surgeon, but the technique of 3D-mesothreads easily carries a beautician.

The last and, perhaps, quite important advantage of the procedure of redlifting is the possibility of a quick return to the usual circle of affairs and duties; literally right after the procedure you will feel confident and beautiful.

Since the 3D lifting procedure is quite new, the number of reviews about it is still quite modest, and if you find out how much the procedure costs, then the desire to try this method can disappear completely.

The price of one thread varies from € 25 to € 50, which, of course, is not so little in the total calculation, but the results and convenience of the procedure itself are worth it. Whatever one may say, preserving the youth and beauty of a woman's guise is sometimes a very important and important aspect of life, which should not be saved.

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