The secrets of cooking delicious steaks at home

A steak is a roasted piece of meat cut from the animal’s carcass and separated in the transverse direction in thick slices. Such cutting allows the heat to penetrate evenly through the fibers, heating the piece to the desired temperature. At first glance, a steak may seem like an uncomplicated dish in the form of a roasted chunk of meat, but not all cooks can cook it properly. The process of cooking steaks has its own subtleties and secrets.
Delicious steak
Delicious Beef Steak
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Choosing the right meat

Professionals claim that cooking the "right" steak at home begins with a meat counter. Not all meat is suitable for cooking. It must have impeccable quality, which, as you know, has its own price. So do not skimp on meat. Try to buy meat from a manufacturer that is not oriented towards the average requirements of customers. When buying a product in a supermarket, you need to be guided only by your own intuition.

Note that the dish of lean meat does not turn out to be completely tender, so choose a piece with fatty layers. It is worth frying such a piece - there will be no trace of the streaks, and the steak will turn out juicy and tasty. Pay attention to the color of the interlayer - it should be white. Yellow color indicates a rather mature age of the animal.

Pay attention to the quality of muscle fibers. If they are thick and dense, the steak will be solid. Choose a piece with thin fibers to make it easier to chew meat.

The important role played by the color of meat. Beef should have a dark red color. If the meat looks pale and produces a lot of juice, it is better to refuse to buy it, because during frying it will greatly decrease in size and become hard as a result of fluid loss. But too dark meat is a sign of not the best quality. Both of these defects are formed as a result of improper storage of meat or stressful situations in which animals were fed that were poorly fed.

For quick frying, pieces of beef from fillets, thighs or roast beef are suitable.

Another sign of quality that you will not see just like that is the degree of maturity of the beef or the shelf life of the product after slaughter.If pork can be sold and cooked in a steam room, steam beef should be hung out for 3-4 weeks to become tender. Determine the degree of ripeness of the beef by pressing the meat with your index finger. A dent that lingers on a piece for a while indicates that the meat is tender and mature. If it springs, the steak will be rubber.

Perfect steak

If the meat is frozen, thaw it slowly, leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. With quick defrosting in a microwave or under running water, the fibers can break through, which will deprive the dish of juiciness.

Note that the frying time of thawed meat is shorter than fresh.

Cut the beef better in smaller but thicker pieces so that they do not dry out when frying.

Dry the steaks before frying so that the oil does not sprinkle on the pan.

Cooking steak is better in a pan with a non-stick coating, avoiding the use of large amounts of fat.

Do not turn over meat unnecessarily, so as not to damage the fibers and not lose the juice.

You can not try the readiness of the steak, piercing it with a fork, otherwise the juice will flow out, and the meat will become dry.

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