Thermal water: how to use

Heat, dust, smog - faithful companions of summer. And if you can not hide from them, you can at least minimize their harmful effects on the skin. To do this, you will need thermal water, which has long taken root in the cosmetics bags of insta-bloggers and makeup artists, but for some reason is actively ignored by ordinary girls. And in vain!

Why does the skin need thermal water?

Thermal water is water that has been extracted by “blood and sweat” from natural sources. It contains not just H2O, which, as many people think, can be replaced by plumbing, but mineral salts and other beneficial microelements that saturate the skin with necessary substances, moisture and vitamins. The temperature of thermal water exceeds 40 degrees (do not burn yourself, do not be afraid), and by its purity it can be compared with the tears of a unicorn. The concentration of useful salts of water is determined by the depth of its production: the deeper the source, the higher its mineralization. You can drink it, but it brings much more benefit in external use.Dermatologists even say that thermal water fights dermatitis and eczema perfectly, especially if used correctly. About the prevention of dryness, rashes and inflammations say nothing - it works to the last drop. Thermal waters are rich in selenium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, sodium, zinc and silicon.

Thermal water is of several types:

Isotonic (low-mineralized)- the composition of the water is as close as possible to the composition of the fluid in the tissues and blood cells, so it definitely will not bring any harm, and all the more it will not cause an allergic reaction. Such water is recommended for use by girls with sensitive, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Hydrocarbon Sodium- differently, it is called highly mineralized water due to a significant excess of the level of mineral salts in the composition. It is recommended to use such a thermalka for owners of oily, problem, inflamed skin (good after burns). Due to the high content of active substances, water precisely treats the skin: it restores the dermis, increases the protective properties, regulates the production of sebum, and also dries inflammations.

Selenium- ideal for summer time and as a prophylaxis for premature aging.Selenium has the ability to neutralize the effects of free radicals, to refresh the skin in the heat and soothe after burns. Suitable for owners of sensitive, normal and combination skin.

Oil and flower- manufacturers decided to experiment and enrich the thermal water with essential oils and plant extracts. What for? To create a stir, attract even more customers and bring additional value to the skin. Depending on the ingredients, the thermo bath will bring specific benefits: protect, soothe, moisturize, nourish, restore, rejuvenate, refresh, etc. Only, unlike pure water obtained from natural sources, oil and flower can easily cause allergies, therefore you need to be especially careful with them.

The main work of thermal water is its ability to soothe, relieve irritation, saturate the skin with oxygen, accelerate metabolic processes, give shine and heal cells from the inside. By itself, the thermals does not moisturize the skin, but only maintains an optimal water and mineral balance in it.Use thermal water can and should be in situations where your skin loses moisture under the influence of external aggressive factors: in the office because of a working heater or air conditioner, on the beach because of an active sun, on an airplane because of pressure drops and low humidity ... In addition to the fact that thermal water perfectly restores the water balance in the cells, rescues from dehydration and relieves inflammation, it works as a reliable makeup fixer, compress for itchy insect bites, boosts creams, serums, masks and emulsions. sions, "Filter" and dullness of the skin glossy.

The biggest mistake that many girls make when using thermal water: sprayed on the face, they leave it to dry. This can not be done in any case - the skin will become dry, dehydrated and dull. This is explained by the fact that some salts not only donate, but also absorb microelements, and also because moisture dries out of the skin when the beauty products with water droplets dry out. That is why after sprinkling, after a couple of minutes, you need to blot the excess with a cloth.If, after thermal water, you intend to apply another care agent, it is not necessary to soak it with a napkin: it will “pull” moisture and useful substances from cosmetics, thereby enhancing their effect.

TOP-7 thermal waters for the face

Thermal SPA Water, Vichy

Highly mineralized natural water extracted from the depths of the Auvergne volcano. The product fights immediately with several problems at the same time: it removes inflammation, eliminates redness and irritation, fights with dullness and dryness, restores acid-base balance, strengthens the protective properties of the epidermis, blocks harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, narrows the pores and fights wilting. Thermal SPA Water is indispensable for fixing makeup: make-up will retain its freshness longer and will not float due to the active work of the sebaceous glands.

Thermal SPA Thermal Water, Vichy

Thermal SPA Thermal Water, Vichy (339 rub.)

Thermal Spring Water, La Roche-Posay

Thermal water with a high content of selenium is suitable not only for moisturizing and refreshing the skin, but also for the treatment of serious dermatological diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and others. She is indispensable on vacation, as she can solve problems with burns, scratches and abrasions for once or twice.Due to its balanced physico-chemical composition, Thermal Spring Water has pronounced antioxidant effects, slows down the natural aging processes, softens, protects the skin from external aggressors, relieves itching (after insect bites is especially good) and relieves puffiness.

Thermal Spring Water, La Roche-Posay

Thermal Water Thermal Spring Water, La Roche-Posay (371 rub.)

Mineral Water Spray, Evian

A long time ago, in 1789, Count Lezer, who suffered from a kidney disease, came across a healing spring in the picturesque French town of Evian-les-Bains, on the southern shore of Lake Geneva. After drinking water from it, the noble sir instantly felt better, and its regular use healed the graph altogether, which was confirmed by numerous analyzes. Since then, the source of Evian and the mineral water of the same name are famous for their healing properties. Regular use of Mineral Water Spray significantly increases the level of hydration, gives an instant feeling of cleanliness, provides high-quality care and restores skin elasticity. This spray is simply indispensable in the summer heat, when you need to instantly freshen up and save the face and body from drying out.

Thermal water Mineral Water Spray, Evian

Thermal Mineral Water Spray, Evian (595 rub. On a discount)

Eau Thermale, Uriage

Thermal water from the pharmaceutical brand Uriage is extracted from a source at the foot of the Alps and contains more than 12 useful trace elements, including calcium, sodium, silicon, magnesium, etc. This thermal water is as close as possible in its composition to the cells of the epidermis, so the skin does not reject it, does not react with rashes, peeling and neoplasms. After spraying the product on the skin, there is a slight chill, which passes as the droplets dry out. By the way, the Eau Thermale from Uriage does not need to blot - its main feature is absorbed by the skin without residue.

Thermal water Eau Thermale, Uriage

Thermal water Eau Thermale, Uriage (719 rub.)

Eau Thermale, Avene

The queen among the thermal waters! It is suitable for all skin types - from oily to supersensitive, helps the skin to wake up, causes the sebaceous glands to work properly, narrows the pores, after washing all the dirt out of them. After regular use, many problems simply disappear, like a terrible dream. Due to the fact that the water is weakly mineralized, it perfectly soothes the skin after the sun, hair removal, shaving, allergic reaction, insect bite and cut. The skin will not even pinch and tighten! Reliable protection and hydration guaranteed.

Thermal water Eau Thermale, Avene

Thermal water Eau Thermale, Avene (359 rub.)

Spring Sea Water, KORA

Filtered isotonic thermal water extracted from the coast of the province of Brittany. It almost completely repeats the cellular composition of the human body, therefore, any undesirable reactions after its use are excluded. The mineral composition is impressive: there are all the necessary trace elements that help stimulate the natural mechanisms of hydration, awaken the "sleepy" cells, speed up the exchange and regenerating processes. Unlike other thermal waters, Spring Sea Water is quite heavy and does not lie on the skin with a weightless veil - this is its main disadvantage. It overlaps with more than significant advantages: regular use of a thermal scrub makes the skin velvety and smooth, it acquires a beautiful shade, salinity, lifelessness and dryness disappear.

Thermal Spring Sea Water, KORA

Thermal Spring Sea Water, KORA (275 rub.)

Acqua Di Repole, Frais Monde

This thermal water contains a large concentration of sulfur. It will be a real salvation in the summer heat, on holiday in tropical countries and in air travel, as well as help out with sunburns, if there was no sedative and wound-healing remedy at hand.Thermo has a moisturizing, soothing, toning and refreshing effect. Does not cause allergic reactions, does not dry the skin, does not contain any harmful chemicals. Only natural and hypoallergenic components that are responsible for the beauty, radiance and health of the skin.

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