This is a boy! Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to the firstborn

The journalist and socialite gave birth to a boy in one of the maternity hospitals in Moscow.

Fortune-telling on the stomach fans of Ksenia Sobchak began to practice as soon as he appeared to her. A detailed study of the shape and size. The location of the navel, the zodiac signs of the parents, the character of Sobchak and the order of the stars at the time of conception were taken into account. The conclusion was almost unanimous: Xenia was expecting a boy. And after all the national signs worked! Although the floor of the baby Sobchak and Vitorgan carefully concealed even from their parents: they were afraid that happy grandparents might inadvertently give information to journalists!

Strong baby was born in the beloved stars of Moscow region Lapino.

“11/18/16 is now the happiest day. I am the mother of a beautiful boy, ”the TV presenter wrote in her Instagram.

"Friends! Congratulate us! Born !!! Mazl tov !!! We cry !!! Grandpa Emmanuel and Grandma Ira ”, - happy Maxim's father left a message in social networks.

Photo: @xenia_sobchak

This center is very popular with celebrities. For example, there were born twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Harry and Lisa, the youngest daughter of Ivan Urgant Valery, the daughter of Garik Kharlamov Nastya. In addition, it is only 15 minutes from Sobchak and Vitorgan country houses. According to Sobchak herself, another argument in favor of Lapino is that she wanted to give birth in Russia. They say that a person has a connection with the place where he was born.

Most likely, Sobchak gave birth without anesthesia. Partly - in order not to harm the child, partly - in order to test himself again for endurance.

“I think to give up narcosis during childbirth,” Xenia told reporters earlier in an interview. Suddenly this will not happen a second time, I want to feel that for such a strong pain that a person can endure. ”

For the next three months, as reported by Tatler, the starry mom planned to settle in her country house and focus on motherhood.

“I'm actually a city man, but I understand that a child in the country will be more comfortable, there is fresh air there. Walking with a stroller along the Garden Ring is not kayfovo, - Ksenia confessed.- I have long been dreaming of not going anywhere, but <...> then “Ksenia begins, you are very necessary.” It seems I can say “no”, but still I go ”(read more HERE).

For Ksenia, the child is the firstborn, and her husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, already has two children: Paulina, 20, and Daniel, 16.

An example of Sobchak is perfect for all women over 30. After her famous statements about children, for some reason everyone decided that Xenia was a convinced child-free. Therefore, their marriage to Vitorgan was predicted to collapse soon - they say, what kind of relationship will last a long time without posterity. Then, for some reason, they decided that Sobchak could not get pregnant and all the talk that she simply did not want this at that time, just a cover.

At the same time, Xenia’s position was very clear and correct: to give birth, because “age” or because “it is necessary,” is wrong. The child should appear only when he himself really wants. I wanted to at 35, and she did it.

Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak

Sobchak is a devoted follower of the commandment that "pregnancy is not a disease." From the first months and up to the birth, Xenia did not let herself descend in anything.

First, she did not stop working.Many and mercilessly. She gave herself a break, having ceased to travel in the 8th month. But in Moscow, the activity at that moment seemed to double: she went to the shows, led events and seminars. At the celebration of the anniversary, MUZ-TV even joked that it was afraid to give birth right on the stage. However, after that did not slow down.

Secondly, Sobchak did not forget about the sport. In general, the figure is one of the “fad” of Xenia. She was so afraid to get better that every day for two hours she was engaged: she stood on her head during yoga classes, regularly swam in the pool and tried to walk more. Watched and nutrition: no jams pickles cakes! On the baking taboo! As a result, she recovered only in the abdomen.

Perhaps the impetus served as a conceived cover in the magazine Tatler. Ksenia decorated the first lane with her naked pregnant body, which caused just a tsunami of emotions!

Photo: Tatler

It was unexpected: after Xenia hid her belly under layers of clothing and refused to speak out on the topic of motherhood, she suddenly revealed everything. On the other hand, such photos are almost a classic, so why hide a beautiful figure?

How Sobchak plans to raise a baby

Knowing the workaholism of Ksenia Sobchak, her close friends Natalya and Alexander Chistyakov, congratulating the TV presenter on having a child, wished her not to rush into going to work.

“I wish her to feel the role of mother in full and, most importantly, she could find time to see everything. After all, when a child is born, we, moms, always run to work. And my personal story was no exception, I literally returned to the stage after a few months, so, having a similar experience, I would like to wish Ksyusha to enjoy this period and see all the first victories of her baby, ”says Gluko’Za.

Mom will help with the upbringing of the baby Xenia. But only, Lyudmila Narusova admits, if her daughter asks for it.

“Ksyusha is one of those people who will never turn for help, but there were moments when I felt that she needed my support. That's what I am and mother. But I understand that it is necessary to act carefully so as not to hurt her vanity and so that she doesn’t notice anything, ”saidLyudmila Narusova in an interview. - I know that there are taboo topics that I shouldn’t touch, and I don’t. This is a question of her relationship with Maxim.I can watch from the side, but if they don’t ask me, I don’t climb. ”

Photo: @xenia_sobchak

Lyudmila Borisovna says that Xenia has changed a lot with the advent of Maxim Vitorgan in her life. She has become calmer, more balanced, more responsible in statements, in relation to problems, always considering issues from one side and the other. Yes, and Xenia herself has repeatedly admitted that she feels calm and secure with her husband.

Experience with children, despite the established reputation, Sobchak great. She gets along with teenagers - Maxim's children. She has two godchildren, children of her friends, with whom she constantly keeps in touch. And recently, Ksenia visited the children's festival - the son of her friend, businesswoman Oksana Lavrentieva, turned 10 years old. “In children's DR and happy !!!” and two ironic, quite in Ksyushin spirit, hashtag: # sunk and # life is full of amazing changes. So everything flows, everything changes.

Ksenia at the presentation of Nobu watches
Photo: Nobu Press Office

That Ksenia is ripe for motherhood and is ready to change diapers and stay awake at night, Lyudmila Borisovna is absolutely sure.

“Ksyusha will be a wonderful mom, completely selfless and correct.Will they allow me to visit my grandchildren, I can only guess, ask humbly, and I don’t know how they decide. But I know in advance that I will go to the best to achieve this. I will be humiliated, cringe and ask to work with their grandchildren. And how to decide - I do not know. What will they call me? I don't care at all - even my great-grandmother, grandfather, anyone, only my grandchildren would be used. I'm not going to be young, ”says Lyudmila Narusova.

Recall, Ksenia Sobchak's pregnancy was just some kind of obsession. All several months, as it became known about her interesting position, some fantastic theories were put forward. Users of social networks argued to the calluses on the fingers: whether Xenia herself was carrying the baby or the belly of the consignment note, she was accused of PR on pregnancy. So much so that Xenia’s nine-month belly was not noticed, insisting that the child is a surrogate mother.

Such pressure is difficult to endure, and Maxim Vitorgan once broke down and broke down, having spoken a lot of sharpness in Instagram. But Xenia, it seems, does not notice this wild hype. We hope that now, after the birth of a child, the passions will somewhat subside, and Xenia and Maxim will enjoy parenting.

How much did the birth of Ksenia Sobchak

Clinical hospital Lapino "Mother and Child"
Photo: @lapinomed

We have already said that for the childbirth Sobchak chose the Lapino Clinical Hospital "Mother and Child" - the place where Russian first-rate stars give birth. Everything is created here so that future mothers feel as comfortable as possible.

Ksenia chose a VIP-apartment with several rooms. A stay in them cost the star mommy 930 thousand rubles!

The ward has everything you need: a comfortable, soft bed, shower, special bath, TV and upholstered furniture for the convenience of loved ones. Mom and baby are being watched almost around the clock.

Conducting pregnancy - for an additional fee. This service costs 605 thousand rubles.

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