Tilda Swinton became a long-haired blonde thanks to Jim Jarmusch

Just like Quentin Tarantino, who has long been inspired by Uma Thurman for his cinematic exploits, Jim Jarmusch has a favorite muse - Tilda Swinton. Tilda’s harsh Scandinavian beauty can do little to spoil her short haircuts and the complete lack of make-up like no one else, but Jim seems to see her very differently.

In his new film "The Dead Do not Die," to which he shot recently, Jarmusch transformed Swinton beyond recognition, making her a blonde with straightened long hair and straight fences. And what, Tilde is coming! Add to the image a futuristic make-up in red shades - and here you have a new Swinton, and even in a snow-white classic kimono.

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