Tips for choosing a dressing table

If you are a happy owner of a spacious bedroom, then you probably want to place a dressing table in it in order to clean up and store cosmetics, accessories and jewelry on it. And so that such a piece of furniture fits into the interior of the room, is attractive and fulfills its functions, make the right choice.

What are dressing tables?

How to choose a beautiful and fashionable dressing table? For a start, you should decide on its type, and there are several varieties of such pieces of furniture:

  1. The dressing table can be called a classic model, which consists of a table top on supports (usually legs play their role) and a tall mirror located in the center. The option is suitable for the fair sex, who love to show off and evaluate themselves in full growth, trying on outfits.
  2. Trelyage. On the main bearing part there is a triple mirror, including a wide central part and two more narrow ones and swinging open in the sides of the side.This model will be appropriate if you often put your hair and make hair and you want to evaluate them from all sides.
  3. Table-dresser. Its main part is a chest of drawers with drawers or shelves, on which a mirror is fixed. And this option is convenient and practical, as it allows you to organize an additional separate storage area.
  4. Console. This model is equipped with a mirror, hiding under the table top and, if necessary, rising and tilting back. The table top can have legs (two or four) or be fixed on the wall. There are several advantages to this option. First, the mirror in the folded position will not get dusty and dirty. Secondly, the table can be used as a working surface, for example, as a desk or a stand for a laptop.
  5. Table with or without a separate mirror. It looks like an ordinary small table or a bedside table, above which a mirror is fixed on the wall (it can be placed on the tabletop, but this arrangement can be unreliable and inconvenient).
  6. A table with a swivel mirror - a model that has a double-sided mirror panel fixed on the tabletop on two supports and freely rotating.This is very convenient, because changing the angle of inclination, it is possible both with the comfort to apply cosmetics, and evaluate the outfits in full growth and even their individual parts.

We are determined with the form

Models vary in form. The classic option is a rectangular or square tabletop. The object is usually placed near the wall and comes close to it. On sale you can find round or oval dressing tables. Such a soft form looks more elegant, but does not always fit into the interior. In the small bedroom the corner table will harmoniously fit, which is located in the corner, does not take up much space and practically does not stand out against the general background.

The mirror can also have different forms. The standard and most common is rectangular or square. But this element can be oval or round, there are also creative models with a mirror of zigzag or other unusual shape that fit into modern interiors.

Choosing a material

For the manufacture of dressing tables are used such materials:

  • The tree is environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetically pleasing, but it requires care and can be adversely affected by external factors such as dry air, temperature changes or high humidity.The price is quite high.
  • Chipboard - durable, durable and practical material, but if the quality is low, there may be an unpleasant smell and harmful fumes.
  • MDF is more qualitative and, accordingly, more expensive than a chipboard, the furniture of an average price category is made of it.
  • Metal can be used for the manufacture of individual parts, all-metal models are rare. The material is durable, durable and practical, but heavy and almost always cold.
  • Glass. Doors, tabletops, shelves are made of it. It has aesthetics, attractiveness and durability, if tempered and reinforced with a protective layer. But thick glass will increase the weight of the subject.

For decoration can be used leather, textiles, plastic and other materials.

We evaluate the functionality

The fundamental point when buying a dressing table is its functionality, which is achieved by some design features and additional useful options. So, a model with drawers and shelves will allow you to organize a convenient storage area. The rotating mechanism of the mirror will help you to see yourself from all sides and fully evaluate the appearance and the created images.A lighted dressing table eliminates the need to use additional light sources and makes the operation of a piece of furniture as comfortable as possible.

We select the appropriate style

To find the perfect dressing table, you should choose the appropriate style. Options:

  • The classics are an elegant tree, simple forms, strict lines and lack of excesses.
  • Baroque is characterized by complex contours and intricate forms, expensive materials, luxurious decor (gilding, leather trim).
  • Provence style is a soft-shaped table, covered with a single layer of beige or white paint or even cracked from time to time.
  • English style - elements of forging or carving, elegant forms, heraldic patterns, stucco decor.
  • Modern furniture is asymmetrical, original and most often includes several expensive materials.
  • The high-tech style table is ultra-modern and multifunctional, but it has a concise design and simple shapes.

Important selection criteria

To choose a suitable and perfect table for you, when buying, be guided by several criteria:

  1. PurposeIf the piece of furniture will be used solely to clean up, then you can choose the simplest model without drawers. If you plan to store accessories and other things in the dressing table, then it should be equipped with boxes and be quite spacious.
  2. The area of ​​the room. If the bedroom is small, then a compact small table will fit into it, which will not take up much space and will not overload the interior. If the room is spacious, then you can afford a luxury overall model.
  3. The place where the table will be located. It should be determined immediately before purchase, because it will directly affect the size and shape of the piece of furniture. And it is advisable not only to make a final decision about the placement, but also to take measurements, so as not to miscalculate with dimensions.
  4. In order for the table to take its place in the interior of the bedroom, it must blend in harmoniously with its style, so when buying, take into account the specifics of the room and the whole house or apartment.
  5. Features physique owner. For example, a tall girl would be uncomfortable at a low table. To choose a suitable option, appreciate its convenience: sit behind it,stand up, look at yourself in the mirror.

Now you can go to the store for the perfect dressing table!

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