Tips for optimizing wardrobe space

Tips for optimizing wardrobe spaceThe order in the closet is a titanic work for any woman. Should I put everything in their personal shelves or you can dump everything in a heap? How to clean up the closets with clothes and know what and where lies?
Proper separation of things in the closet will significantly reduce your work fees in the morning, allow you to see unpopular things and replace them with new purchases.

The main types of distribution of clothing in the closet

To begin with you should be divided into “necessary” and “not necessary”. If you have never put on a thing for a whole year, then, most likely, it will continue to gather dust. If it is a pity to throw it away, it is necessary to put it in a box in the pantry.
Then follows the division into seasons. What is worn now - closer, what to wait for its time of year - to the side. And do not mix. It is necessary to separately put off-season things: poncho, tracksuit, cardigan and so on.
If the cabinet has several owners, the clothes should be divided depending on personal identity. Require all family members to maintain order.
Carefully review clothes out of season: on the subject of non-working clasps and zippers, torn off buttons, iron it. Folded into fabric bags or cardboard boxes, send it to the mezzanine.Tips for optimizing wardrobe space
Each kind of things should lie separately: sweaters, handkerchiefs, shirts, T-shirts. Everything in its place. Take care that not completely clean things do not linger in the closet.
To maximize the closet space, you can use small boxes or drawers to store your underwear and socks. Such actions will maintain order and use the vertical shelves entirely.
You can also store shoes in boxes. To do this, use a large compartment of the cabinet.
Carefully fold (or roll into rollers, in order to avoid bends and creases on things) knitwear, sweaters and T-shirts. Store the most popular items on the middle shelves. Store rarely used items on the top shelves.Tips for optimizing wardrobe space
How to clean up the closet with clothes, if scarves, ties, belts all the time somewhere get lost in the deepest places and quickly find them is not always possible? Similar trifles will best be stored on a special hanger from the back of the door.They will always be visible and do not have to look for them for a long time.

Devices that help you optimize the space in the wardrobe

For convenient storage of things, get a sufficient number of hangers, hangers for skirts, trousers, clothes made of stretching fabric. Hang it all up in a large wardrobe compartment with a special crossbar.
You sorted everything, but it did not reduce the number of things in the closet? You can choose things by rating, leaving only those that are best for you. The rest can be placed deep into the shelves.Tips for optimizing wardrobe space
If you need a more visual explanation of how to clean up the closet, you can find the video on our website.
And now the main thing is to maintain the established order. Do not store dirty or crumpled clothes in the closet. Shelves can be decorated with fragments of fragrant soap, dry perfume. In this case, you will be ashamed to litter such a cabinet.
If you follow these simple rules, this one will become a habit with time. Maintain the established order and do twice a year seasonal revisions of the interior of the cabinet. Just need to aim! You will succeed!

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