Top 10 best books to take with you

Going on a journey, all take only the most necessary things. But if the road is long, then you can spend time with benefit, immersed in reading. And some travel books are just right for you!

So, we offer 10 best books for the road:

  1. The Secret, Rhonda Byrne. If you want to spend time with benefit and think a little about philosophical topics (and traveling to such thoughts is very convenient), then you should certainly put this book in a travel case. What is the world? It's a big secret. And its fragments can be found literally everywhere: in philosophical and religious movements, in literary works, in folk art, and so on. And the book has all the wreckage of the Secret. Reuniting them together, the reader will be able to understand how to live. The book has become a real sensation and the first of its kind, because it will teach you to use the Secret literally in every area of ​​your life: in your career, in relationships, in study, and so on.You will discover unique opportunities that will definitely make you happier and freer. And the journey will seem even more fascinating.
  2. "The invisible side of the moon", Milorad Pavic. This book includes collections of stories, such as "Wrenched Glove" and "Russian Greyhound". The actions of the described stories, more similar to fictional fictions, unfold on the background of culture and mythology. And all this allows readers to immerse themselves in a unique and mysterious world, invented by the writer. An unusual atmosphere awaits you, and the journey will be even more enjoyable.
  3. "Year in Provence", Peter Mail. It is an easy and almost readable work. The main characters of the book decided to act on which, due to fears, many cannot decide. They abandoned everything, left their native country and bought a small old farm house in Provence. The first year of new life began with a real French lunch, full of culinary delights. But life is not limited to gastronomic delights alone, so that the heroes have to overcome many difficulties and get into the most curious situations.They will try to learn the local language, visit the goat races, learn an interesting game, and try to complete the repair for a whole year.
  4. Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino. This book is based on the imaginary conversations of the traveler Marco Polo and Khan Kublaya about unprecedented countries, worlds and cities. Polo the writer made a very real journey into a grandiose study of a nonexistent world in which all cities bear women's names. In total there are 50 chapters in the book, each of which is a novel written according to the rules of fortune telling on Tarot cards. Readers can explore cities in any order and, thus, choose their own rules and their interpretation of a virtual journey around the world, which seems absurd and ridiculous, but at the same time it is so similar to the usual real big cities.
  5. "Club of fans of filmstrips", Nina Heymets. This book itself is almost an invitation to an exciting journey. And it is not necessary to go to distant countries to get a lot of new pleasant sensations. The author interprets the journey as a kind of difference between the well-known and the new, the unknown and still unfamiliar.Even the hometown and the most ordinary things may seem unusual and interesting, if you look at them differently. Simply get rid of stereotypes, learn to peer, notice the little things and see something new in everything. After reading this book, you will definitely make the trip unforgettable and exciting.
  6. "Three in a boat, not counting dogs", Jerome K. Jerome. This is a fun, interesting and easy-going story about three friends who discussed their illnesses at dinner and decided to relax on a trip. They went on a trip along the Thames and decided to stop overnight for the night. During this voyage, the characters find themselves in unusual and sometimes funny situations, which are described by the author with humor and ease. By the way, initially the work was conceived as a guide, so the author described in detail some of the attractions. Therefore, readers can not only have fun, but also learn a lot of new things.
  7. "Plumber, his cat, wife and other details," Slava Se. This book will not only help pass the time on the road, but also save you from bad thoughts and just amuse you. In general, what you need to travel.The author of the book is one of the most popular blogs, so his creation, consisting of individual small comic stories, turned out to be very easy and easy. The main character is a strong-built man, working as a plumber in the Baltic States, playing in an academic theater, growing onions at the window and occasionally fond of sad women. The stories collected here are sometimes so ridiculous and at the same time ridiculous that it is very difficult not to laugh out loud. Be sure to take this collection with you on the road!
  8. "The Journey of Hector, or the Quest for Happiness," Francois Lelord- This is the most successful book of the author, which was translated into several dozen languages ​​and won the hearts of millions. Francois is not only a writer, but also a psychiatrist, so he is perfectly able to convey the characters, the atmosphere and his thoughts in the form most comfortable and enjoyable for the reader. This is a book about the young psychiatrist Hector, who decided to go on a world tour to find his place in the world and happiness. He travels to different countries, meets all kinds of people, finds friends and enemies, falls in love, risks his life, and even has time to be captured.He began such an unusual expedition with the goal of revealing happiness to all people, and with joy he shared his thoughts and judgments with all readers. After reading this book, probably, and you will find a real happiness on the journey.
  9. "A breath of freedom", Anna Gavalda. If you want to relax, have a rest and make the trip fascinating and fun, this book will definitely help you. In fact, this is a story about a few perfectly ordinary people who had a great weekend. It tells about the long-awaited meeting of sisters and brother, about their trips and adventures, about escaping from an important family celebration, about other interesting moments, as well as about love, creativity, mutual understanding and simple and accessible to all joys of life. These people, even in adulthood, have not lost their spontaneity and thirst for adventure, which will infect all readers.
  10. "The Devil Wears Prada," Lauren Weisberg. This book will definitely please the female half of humanity. The main character is a young girl who came from the village to conquer New York and build a career as a reporter. She gets into a fashion magazine and realizes that what she has dreamed of all her life turns out to be a nightmare. The boss is a real bitch.Work has almost all day. A rise in the career ladder, it seems, does not shine. But everything can change if you take yourself in hand and believe in yourself.

Be sure to take one of the books listed on the trip.

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