Top 10 best films of 2013

It is harder and harder to sift out the seeds of “valuable grain from dust”, and you don’t want to waste your time on empty and meaningless flickering of frames ...

The year of 2013 was fruitful and rich in various blockbusters, bright special effects and wonders of modern technology, but the art-house paintings pleasing to the eye and mind were not set aside.

Many of them have forever left their significant mark in the minds of those who still, at least once, and looked, one of these films, because they are really filled with meaning, quality acting, professional direction and, without them, colorful special effects.

Each authoritative publication annually offers its rating of films, which, in their opinion, deserve special attention. We decided to offer you our top 10 films of 2013, which are still worth seeing. So, heed.

10. "The Spell", USA, James Van

Opens our rating horror movie, which is based on real events. The frightening events described in the film by James Van are the prototype of one of the cases of the detective practice of Ed and Lorraine Warren.


The main profile of these world-famous detectives was to investigate cases related to the paranormal. It was at this time that they were confronted with something that turned their lives upside down and rightfully deserved the title of “the wildest and most frightening incident” in the entire history of many years of practice.

James Van tried his best, honing his skills to the transfer of modern horror. If you are a thrill-seeker, try “The Spell,” this film will not leave you indifferent.

9. “For once in my life”, USA, John Carney

From the story, chilling spirit, we smoothly flow into a pleasant and very high-quality melodrama, which was written and directed by John Kartney. In this film, probably, everything is pleasant: from the cast, which is headed by the notorious Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, ending with attractive New York views and good music.

Fairy tale

The story of a chance meeting of two people who can’t imagine their life without music and creativity, bright emotions and joy. To record a new album, the main characters are ready for the most unexpected events and turns in their lives, and, as a result, the whole of New York becomes their field for the accomplishment of creative ideas.

An interesting and easy movie that will leave only bright and motivating notes in your mind.

8. “Cold Heart”, USA, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

Well, what is the list of the best films of the year without a fascinating, kind and bright cartoon? The new film from the legendary Disney studio was awarded the prestigious Academy Award in the nomination “Best Animated Film of the Year,” rightfully adjoins the rest of the films in many world rankings.

Cold heart

The story, based on the fairy tale "The Snow Queen", from the first minutes can attract attention, both the older and younger generation. The main character Anna together with her friends goes in search of her wicked sister, who froze the city and does not want to return the long-awaited summer. On the way, the guys will have many adventures, magic and fascinating wonders, plunge into the world of magic, you will not regret!

7. “Thief of books”, USA, Germany, Brian Percival

The film of Brian Percival describes the events preceding the Second World War, the story is on behalf of death, which is already ready to begin its harvest. In the center of attention of a ruthless old woman gets a little girl, Lizel, who gets into a foster family and, thanks to them, learns to read, which, as a result, becomes her vital need.

Thief books

The film, which begins as an easy and fascinating story, flows into a story that touches on serious aspects and moments of the time: persecution of Jews, hatred of fascism, humiliation, hunger and terrible losses.

6. “American Hustle”, USA, David O. Russell

Another film, based on the events of a real special operation, which was conducted by FBI agents in the late 70s of the last century. According to many American publications, "The scam in American way" takes top positions, in the rating of the printed edition "Time" it takes the third place.

American scam

Comedy dialogues, a galaxy of bright Hollywood stars, a large number of nominations and prestigious awards - this is probably the best motivation to view this picture.

5. “Dallas Buyers Club”, USA, Jean-Marc Vallée

Another real story that tells the story of a Texas electrician who had AIDS in the 1980s. Doctors could not comfort anything, "having pleased" him only thirty days, which remained only to say goodbye to his life.

Dallas Shoppers Club

But, as it turned out, life can be much longer and brighter than the doctors assure you.How does this work? Find out from the film, awarded several Oscars and multiple positive reviews from film critics.

4. "The Wolf from Wall Street", USA, Martin Scorsese

The story of the amazing, charismatic, incredibly intelligent and persistent Jordan Belforte, who goes from a broker in a small company engaged in small shares, to the owner of his own powerful corporation.

The wolf of Wall Street

The parties, supplied with huge states, the constant burning of life and the effect of narcotic drugs do their job - Jordan became interested in the FBI with sparkling and incredibly rapid enrichment ... The atmosphere of madness and big money, skillfully transmitted by the director, lures and keeps intrigue until the very end of the picture.

3. “The Great Gatsby”, Australia, USA, Baz Luhrmann

Another masterpiece from Baz Lurman, based on the novel “The Great Gatsby”, 1925, describes the events of the 20s of the last century, the times of floating morality, brilliant jazz and alcohol.

Good film

The incredible views of old New York, the chic parties masterfully conveyed by the director, the excellent acting and fascinating story did the trick, reflecting many of the problems of our time.

2. "Gravity", USA, UK, Alfonso Cuaron

The film, which received as many as 7 Oscar statuettes, opened the Vienna Film Festival and gathered at the box office 6 times more than the original attention, probably deserves your attention.


Unsurpassed special effects that convincingly conveyed the silent gulfs of space, the glow of cities of sorbitol and the incredible beauty of the northern lights. Mankind has probably never seen such an impressive film about space.

1. "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", USA, New Zealand, Peter Jackson

The most awaited fantasy of 2013, the film that became the main event of all admirers of the creative work of J. Tolkien, did not disappoint his fans.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

There is no point in telling something about this film, it is necessary to see it: special effects, fire-breathing dragon Smaug, which appeared on the screen thanks to the technology of motion capture, as well as his favorite cast won him first place.

This list is a subjective opinion, for sure, each of our readers has their own versions of favorite and best movies, which you can share in the comments.

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