Top 10 best historical films

If the plot of the film is interesting, then the film itself will certainly attract attention. And if real events are taken as the basis of the picture, the plot will be even more exciting. And what historical films can be called the best?

The best historical films

We offer you the top 10 most interesting historical films:

1. "Kingdom of Heaven"- the historical epos of 2005, which was based on the freely described historical events that preceded the Third Crusade (1189-1192) - the siege of Jerusalem and the war between Ayyubidy and the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In the story, the young gunsmith Belian, who lost his son and wife, decides to flee from his homeland.

Kingdom of heaven

He joins the Crusader detachment, which, as it turns out, is led by his father, Baron Gottfried. But Gottfried is seriously wounded in one of the battles and dies. All ships are drowning, and the only surviving is Belian. But before his death, the father manages to knight the guy, and he begins to serve the king.This is a picture of the life story of a simple blacksmith, who was forced to bear his heavy cross.

2. "Schindler's List"- the historical drama of cult director Steven Spielberg, published in 1993, about the mysterious and unusual man - Oscar Schindler. He was a member of the Nazi Party, as well as a fairly successful businessman and a prosperous manufacturer.

Schindler's list

It would seem that this man has everything. But in fact, he has much more than wealth and status — a real good heart. Schindler rescued more than a thousand Polish Jews during World War II. Initially, he is driven by greed, but then he realizes that other people's lives are much more expensive than money.

He spends all his fortune to save the Jews from his list. The film is based on the real story of one person, to whom many are grateful to this day.

3. "The Last Samurai". This 2003 painting is a kind of artistic interpretation of events that took place in Japan at the end of the 19th century. Those times were crucial as the government tried to introduce the masses of America, the West and Europe to the masses. According to the story of Captain Neyton Olgern, who was a respected American military officer, he hires the Emperor of Japan.

The Last Samurai

He asks Neuton to create a new army that will be similar to the American one. The goal of the ruler of the land of the rising sun is to exterminate all the samurai. But the latter do not agree with this decision. Olgern finds himself in a difficult situation. He becomes acquainted with the culture and martial arts of Japan and understands that samurai have the right to exist. Neton himself decides to stand up for them.

4. "Gladiator"- historical film, released on screens in 2000 and tells the story of the great people of the Roman Empire. The action takes place in 180 AD. The legions of Marcus Aurelius are preparing for a historic battle with the German Empire. But the Romans do not want this fight.


At that time, there was no stronger commander than Maximus. But even power did not help him avoid betrayal and deception. The devotee Maximus was sentenced to death. But he manages to be saved, and after being saved he becomes a gladiator. Victory in bloody fights gave the warrior glory and recognition. As a result, he finds himself in the Roman Coliseum. In the arena he will meet with the most important opponent - his enemy. Maximus wants revenge.

5. "Alexander"- historical film of 2004, telling about the life of the great commander Alexander the Great. Surprisingly, the picture failed in the American box office.In other countries, the film was perceived better, and yet he did not live up to the expectations of the director. The story of Alexander tells Ptolemy, who has long been an ally of the commander.


For 8 years Alexander's army moved to the East, the warriors wanted to reach the World Ocean. Western and Central Asia were conquered and the army of Alexander entered the unknown lands of India. The picture quite accurately (although not in all details) describes two battles: with the Indian king Porom (on the Hydasp river) and with the Persian king Darius (in Gavgamela).

6. “Joan of Arc”- the historical drama of Luc Besson about the Maid of Orleans (her role was played by Mila Jovovich), who gave her life. Events unfold during the Hundred Years' War of the XV century. France almost dies: the sounds of swords intertwine with the voices of the worshipers, nights are lit up with bonfires, in which innocent people die, the inquisition can overtake everyone.

Joan of Arc

Save the country can only miracle, which becomes a 19-year-old brave girl from Domremy. She decides to change the fate of the people and gathers her fist into her fist. Many are grateful to her, but there are those who wish the girl death. It turned out that an uprising against the authorities is a real death sentence.Joan burned at the stake.

7. "Elizabeth"- historical drama about the legendary ruler - Queen Elizabeth I of England. The film takes place in England in 1554. The eldest daughter of Henry VIII - Queen Mary, who was a devout Catholic, dies. As a result, the young Elizabeth becomes the queen - the daughter of Anne Boleyn and Heinrich.


The girl parted with her free and carefree youth for the sake of the unity of England, whose independence is under threat. Pope, France and Spain want to suppress the country, but Elizabeth goes to such desperate decisions and actions that ultimately help to make England the way everyone knows her. And it was for this that many fell in love and remembered the queen.

8. “Save Private Ryan”- A 1998 film about the Norman Operation, carried out during World War II. There is evidence that the film is based on real events. The basis was the story of the Niland brothers. James Ryan - a simple private.

Rescue Private Ryan

Three of his brothers died in the battles, and the command decided to demobilize the only survivor and send him to the grieving mother.Captain John Miller and a detachment of 8 men are sent to search for James. Finding Ryan in a hell of war is not so easy. But the task must be completed, by all means.

9. "Braveheart"- a film in 1995, won five Oscar prizes, about a man who decided to devote his life to fighting for justice and freedom of his homeland. The action of the picture takes place in Scotland in 1280.


The country is threatened by English domination, and William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson), who later became a national hero, decides to fight for the independence of the state. William himself early lost his father and remains to live with his uncle, who gives the guy a good European education. Wallace decides to return home and build a family, but his wife is killed by the British. And then William decides to start the fight for justice.

10. Pearl Harbor- The war drama about the feelings of the main characters and the events that unfolded on December 7, 1941 at the Pearl Harbor military base. Two pilot friends Danny and Rafe have known each other since childhood. But they could not even think what their destinies would be. The fire of passion and war makes you experience the most real feelings.But can the heroes deal with them? And more importantly: friendship or love?

Pearl Harbor

History sometimes much more interesting than fictional plots. Check it out!

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