Top 10 of the coolest action movies of all time

Militants do not like everyone, but still some films of this genre deserve attention. Among them are very interesting and exciting.

  1. "Kill Bill". In the center of events is a criminal gang headed by a brutal gangster named Bill. It employs a lot of hired killers. Bill right during the wedding shoots at one of the killers - a girl named Black Mamba, which wears his child. But it survives, although it falls into a coma for the whole four years. Having come to his senses, the Black Mamba decides at any cost to take revenge on Bill. She methodically deals with almost all members of the group and tries to get to Bill himself. Seeing him, the girl realizes that she is still feeling. And the cute girl living with the gangster turns out to be her daughter. But what will outweigh: hatred or love that covers your eyes? What is more important: revenge or a full and happy family?
  2. "Fight club". “Only by losing everything to the end, we gain freedom” is the main idea of ​​the film.But this is not understood by the protagonist of the film, who works as a clerk, goes to the places of an accident and in his spare time furnishes his apartment with fashionable furniture. The hero suffers from insomnia, takes sleeping pills and attends courses of incurably sick people (although he is completely healthy), where he meets an unusual girl Marla Singer. And one day he meets Tyler Durden, who is his complete opposite. The young man lives in an abandoned house without water and light and believes that the meaning of life is not at all in material benefits. Soon the main character gets close to Tyler, and the men organize a fight club in which everyone can spill their emotions in a fight. Violent fights go every night, and the number of members of the club is gradually growing. And gradually, an innocent, albeit very dangerous hobby turns into something more. Participants organize acts of vandalism, which become similar to real acts of terrorism. Branches open worldwide. The hero tries to stop Tyler who has come too far, but soon he realizes that the problem lies in himself.
  3. "Black Hawk". The events unfold in 1993 in Somalia.The number of victims is steadily growing, and the peacekeeping forces are trying to establish order and deliver food to civilians. To help peacekeepers, the Washington Command sends two detachments of elite fighters: army rangers and a Delta squad. Field commander Aidid rules the city of Mogadishu and selects humanitarian aid and regularly kills ordinary people. At some point, the US authorities decide to overthrow Aidid and seize his group in Mogadishu. A variety of soldiers took part in the capture: a leading column, an experienced sergeant, a barracks clerk, a young officer, as well as members of the crews of downed helicopters. Some have already been in battle, while others only have to see all the horrors of war. The operation begins with the fall of the American helicopter, which can destroy all plans.
  4. "Gladiator"- this is a historical fighter. The Roman Empire, which in its time was invincible and great, did not know the commander, equal to the legendary General Maximus. Legions, which he led, never lost in battles, were betrayed to their leader and ready to go after him to the ends of the earth and even to hell.But Maximus is a hostage of court intrigues, he is betrayed and condemned to certain death. But he managed to escape. He decided to take revenge on the traitors and became a gladiator. Glory quickly came to Maximus, because in fights he always won victories. But he will meet in a fierce battle with his worst enemy. Can a brave warrior win this time?
  5. "Sin City". Basin City everyone knows as the city of sins, which used to be a transit point for gold seekers. But today, this place is ruled by corrupt officials and leaders of criminal gangs who can not agree and share power. It is dangerous to be here, and every resident of Beysin City wants to leave here and find freedom. Among them, a hired killer and the last romantic, and also deserving not the best fame, was thwarted by Marv, who recently lost his lover and decided to find the murderers and take revenge. Two more heroes are practically the only honest policeman Hartigan and Dwight, who protects prostitutes. They all fight for life and freedom. But is it possible to survive in the city of sins?
  6. "Chaos". One morning, a gang of robbers decides to seize the bank and take hostage all who are in it. The building is surrounded by police, but the leader of the group Lorenz requires to deliver the negotiator, whose function can only be performed by detective Conners. But he has not the best fame in the police, so newcomer Decker becomes his partner. Conners begins negotiations, and at this time special forces soldiers burst into the building. But robbers manage to mingle with a crowd of hostages and escape. Later it turns out that not a single cent was stolen from the vaults, but a billion dollars were withdrawn with the help of computers. Dekker and Conners are investigating and are slowly but surely approaching a clue.
  7. "From the cradle to the grave". The secret agent and professional robber Tony Feith begin to cooperate in order to expose the group of gangsters led by the cunning and cruel mafia. All hunt for treasure - black diamonds from Taiwan. At first they find themselves at the black thief Tony Feit, but he is forced to give them to the owner of the stones and arms dealer Ling. But diamonds do not have time to return to the owner, as they are being stolen again.At this time, the treasure decided to assign a local mafia Jamb Chambers. Faith, who must rescue her daughter (kidnapped by Ling), teamed up with Taiwanese secret agent Su. Together they begin the search.
  8. "Full Metal Jacket". In the midst of the Vietnam War, and the ranks of American troops are constantly replenished with recruits. All of them are trained in training camps, and in one of these camps are two soldiers: a witty young fighter named Prankster and Leonard Lawrence with the nickname Kucha. Trainings are held daily, frankly scoff at recruits. But all this is necessary only to prepare soldiers for war. And with real horror, young people just have to meet.
  9. “Once upon a time in the wild west”. A young widow is the owner of the land, which decides to buy and take a gangster for the construction of the railway. But the girl does not make a deal, and the head of the criminal gang decides to kill her, hiring the best killer in the whole wild west. But the well-known gangster Cheyen and an unknown mysterious man stand up to protect the widow. All three will meet in battle, the winners of which may not be at all.
  10. "Italian Job". John Bridger, along with a team of bandits, did not do one thing, but now he decides to leave the game and start a new life. The last task is stealing gold. Bridger Charlie’s friend is involved in the case. He’s in charge of Lyle’s technical loot, Left Ear’s detonator, Steve's insider and Rob’s driver. Everything went fine, but success is overshadowed by betrayal.

These were the most interesting fighters.

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