Top names for cat and cat

Such a simple, at first glance, task, as it turned out to be not so easy to accomplish, when a fluffy bundle of happiness sits before you and you, at any cost, need to come up with a name for it that will accompany him all his life.

Of course, this is not so serious as how to grow a healthy cat and raise a little animal, but the name for it is, believe it, the same as the name for a person: a reflection of his personality, and sometimes even of character and destiny. It is important for a beloved pet to find a decent name that will fully reflect his habits and habits, as well as that will appeal to all family members.


In fact, the choice of the kitten's nickname is limited only by the expanses of your imagination, because this is not a child, which is desirable to give a name that is present in at least one dictionary of names, everything here is in your hands.

True, to call a pet by some ambiguous or not very decent name is still not desirable, there are situations where you will have to blush for such a decision.Well, for example, your favorite Terrorist or Galyunchik leaked into the open window and ran around the familiar district, and you went to look for him.

Walking around the area and shouting "Terrorist!", In general, somehow not very much, what about your own well-being, what about poor neighbors.

Approaching the choice of the name of a beloved animal should be taken seriously, of course, no one discourages you from showing a share of humor and calling the animal in a special way, so to speak, to remember, but still there must be a measure in everything.


The easiest way to quickly find out how you can call a cat or a cat is to look at the list of cat names that was specially compiled by linguists. If you do not know, there is even a whole science called zoonimics, which studies animal names, including cats.

All these names undergo a temporary screening, and with the help of certain tests they prove their euphony. All nicknames are listed in alphabetical order, divided into boys and girls, so you can easily find exactly what you dreamed of.

Tips for those who choose the name of a kitten

Of course, if you have purchased your new pet in the nursery, then for a long time you will not have to fool around with the name, because there it is necessarily called.

If your kitten, in addition, refers to thoroughbred cats, for example, British or Siamese, who, subsequently, will participate in all sorts of exhibitions and acquire his own thoroughbred offspring, he must necessarily have an official name that will be indicated in his birth certificate, and over the years, and in the birth certificate of his kittens.


So that later there will be no problems with offspring and exhibitions, it is better to familiarize yourself with all the rules for naming pedigreed kittens, which are not difficult to find on the official websites.

For example, among such rules there is such: the kitten should be assigned such a nickname, which will begin with a letter that will classify the number of the litter.

For example, if the cat is the second litter, then all the kittens from this litter should have names beginning with the letter "B", from the Latin "β". As a rule, such names are chosen from an extensive base of names of kittens, which will become the official nickname of your animal.

With blue eyes

It can consist of two, and sometimes even three or four words, which, of course, every time you want to call or praise a cat, if you wish, are extremely uncomfortable. Just imagine how ridiculous it would be to see a situation in which you strictly forbid Brussels Charisma Creep to carry the sausage off the table, as well as to relieve themselves of the right place.

Usually in such situations they do this: the official name remains in the birth certificate and is used according to need, and at home the furry animal is called diminutive, you can think of something cool, such as Brus.

How else to call a kitten?

But if your animal is not from a shelter and you do not plan for a stormy activity for it outside the walls of your house, then how can you call it? Standard Barsiki, Vaska and Ryzhiki are rather tired, so you want to call your pet somehow especially with taste.


There are some unique ones who call their animals in honor of their former lover or boss, thereby showing their own internal complexes associated with these people. Not only is it better for animals not to give human names, and even more so for those people you know, because they can find out about it, and react unexpectedly to this fact.

But how to name a baby? Try to push off from his character and habits, and then show imagination and come up with something interesting. To do this, watch the kitten for a couple of weeks, it is not necessary to immediately come up with a nickname, you will draw conclusions with time.

For example, your pet may be Sonya, if he sleeps a lot, Pirate, if he constantly shuffles and scratches, Fluff, Proglot, Hippo, Suitcase, if he eats like not himself and is rounded before his eyes, and so on.

With mom

Another option - to build on the color and appearance of the animal. For example, if you have acquired a handsome red-headed cat, then know that your friend, thanks to his golden fur coat, is a symbol of well-being and wealth, as well as the best healer.

And, therefore, the following nicknames are perfect for him: Medoc, Pumpkin, Oscar, Carrot, Peach, Goldie, Lucky, Garfield, and so on. By the way, the characters of cartoons will also fit well for such a role, and, optionally, characters-cats, for example, will sound good: Simba, Felix, Thomas, Kitty, Pierre, Masyanya, Shrek, Matroskin and so on.

But the black seals, which are always unlucky, as sung in the song, always become the objects of some strange beliefs and superstitions.In spite of this, black cats are no worse than the others; they are just as kind, tender and attractive, and to come up with a nickname is easier for them.

This is a responsible task.

It can be Chernysh, Onyx, Light, Black, Jack, Bart, Bruno, Dusk, Ember or Bagheera, Panther, Mystic, fantasize! A white cat or a cat can be a Casper, Artik, Coco, Messi or Pinto, Whitey or Belias, for those who have a good sense of humor.

When choosing a pet name, be sure to remember that it is easiest for cats to memorize simple nicknames, which consist of 1-2 syllables, it is also desirable that they contain combinations of hissing and whistling sounds.

Before you finally name your pet, make a list of your favorite names, try them on a cat, it happens that he will immediately begin to respond or react to any one, which means that you hit the target.

Also do not forget that the nickname should be one, it can not be changed, as the animal may become confused and stop responding altogether, at least to one of them.

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