Top advantages of hiking for a person

Walking on foot is not only pleasant, but also very useful. Find out what is the use of hiking.

The benefits of walking

What is useful walks for a person? They have a complex effect in different directions:

  1. Weight loss. During walking, fat deposits are actively burned, body volume decreases. So, in an hour of walking with a quick step, you can lose up to 400 kilocalories, which is comparable to a full-fledged workout in the gym.
  2. Exercise of the cardiovascular system. During walks, the heart contracts faster, due to which its myocardial muscle is strengthened. Regular walking can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.
  3. Normalization of the respiratory system, an increase in the volume of the lungs. You breathe more often and deeper, your lungs expand, which allows you to supply all the cells of the body with oxygen during breathing.
  4. Improve blood supply to literally all internal organs. Blood is pumped faster by the heart muscle and enters even the most remote areas, which has a positive effect on the work of the human body.
  5. Daily walking walks will help control your blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Reduced risks of atherosclerosis, diabetes.
  6. Strengthening the musculoskeletal system and prevention of diseases of the joints.
  7. The beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Walking normalizes the peristalsis of the intestinal walls, accelerates the processes of digestion of food, prevents the occurrence of constipation.
  8. Effective and accessible to all method of hardening. Hiking has a general strengthening effect on the body, contributes to strengthening immunity and increasing resistance.
  9. Strengthening the muscles. After two or three months you will find not only a slender, but a tighter, more embossed body.
  10. Preservation of youth Walking speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, improves blood circulation and microcirculation, normalizes the flow of lymph and oxygenates all cells. Such effects slow down aging.
  11. Cheerfulness. A walk in the fresh air will relieve drowsiness, will give a burst of energy.
  12. Good mood. It is proved that people who regularly walk on foot are less likely to suffer from depression.
  13. Stress relief.Walking is a great way to get rid of stress.
  14. Pleasant emotions. Walking, you can look around, enjoy the good weather and nature, listen to your favorite music or audio books, chat with a loved one or friend who has decided to join you.
  15. Schooling discipline and responsibility. Making it a rule to walk every day, you will notice that it has become a habit, and you are no longer looking for excuses and are not trying to postpone walking for later.
  16. Saving. Yes, walking can replace workouts in the gym, especially if you supplement them with morning exercises.
  17. Increased brain activity. Scientists have found that walking helps to increase the volume of the hippocampus - the part of the brain responsible for concentration, information processing, memorization and memory. Walking regularly can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Good to know! Walking can literally everything, it is only important to choose the right pace and not to overdo it. Walking is contraindicated after serious injuries of the legs or spine, with severe diseases of the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

Rules for useful walks

There are several principles that will make walking as useful as possible:

  • A place. It is best to walk in the fresh air in a forest, park or other green and remote place from highways, factories and plants. Moreover, walking over rough terrain is more useful than walking on smooth asphalt.
  • Time. It depends on your biological rhythms: one likes to walk the sutra at dawn, others prefer evening walks before going to bed. But in the early morning hours the air is cleaner, and the street is not so crowded.
  • Duration of walks. Start with 10-15 minutes and bring the duration of the walk to at least 30-40 minutes. But hourly or even two-hour walks are even more useful, although not everyone can find time for them.
  • Pace. It should be fast enough, but comfortable for you. If you start choking, reduce your speed.
  • Distance. It depends on the speed of movement, but the optimal length of the route is 6-8 kilometers.
  • The number of steps. On a day, a person must take about 10 thousand steps to maintain health and maintain weight. But if you are actively moving, you can walk less during the walk.
  • Moderation.Do not strive to go long and fast to lose weight and improve your health. Start with small loads and increase them gradually. And do not overdo it.
  • Movement. Back while walking should be straight, chin - slightly raised. You can swing your arms a little without straining your shoulders. The foot first falls on the heel, and the push is done with the toe.

Walk on foot regularly, competently and with maximum health benefits!

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