Tree on the site: self-sufficient ideas worthy of implementation

Wood is a good natural material. It is widely used for both construction and design purposes. Wooden structures always look spectacular in the garden and on the dacha. Decor of logs, stumps, fallen or felled trees always look great on the site. Just see how creative the idea of ​​building wooden structures can be. Perhaps one of them will be the impetus for the realization of your ideas or it will be copied completely. To give the site individuality, creating a zone of coziness and comfort is easy. The main thing is to want a change, find suitable pieces of wood and start acting.

Spectacularly it looks like a garden path from a tree.

Suitable material for benches.

From the fallen tree you can make even a dining table.

Having made a notch in the usual log, you can get smart flower beds.

Even rotten stumps are suitable for this purpose.

Of the two stumps and planks turned out self-sufficient bench.

Cutting the log into fragments, it is easy to make a ladder.

Ideally looks like a stump as the basis for a table.

The fence from a tree is convenient and practical.

It is always possible to designate garden beds with the help of logs.

You can even turn a log into a roost.

When nature is resting, wooden elements of decor do not cease to please the eye.

A piece of fallen tree, turned into a swing.

Self-sufficient arch - a special decoration of the garden.

These logs are turned into a comfortable place to relax.

The lamps from cracked stumps look spectacular.

With the help of stumps it is easy to zone the space.

Log gazebos - perfectly fit into the exterior.

You can use wooden elements even when creating a mini-fountain.

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