Unexpected options for the use of the metal "brush": if not dishes, then what?

Metal "brush" - a universal assistant. You can use it not only in the kitchen, but also far beyond its borders. Here are 9 life hacks, upon learning of which, some will hurry to the store for a round metal ball. Simplifying your life is easy - the main thing is to know how to do it.

A simple way to sharpen the scissors

Blunted scissors are easy to sharpen with a metal sponge. All you need to do is try to shred it into small pieces. The “brush” is probably only slightly deformed, but the scissors will become sharp in a couple of minutes.

Rust removal from metal products

Get rid of rust on the work tool or old screws stored all year round in unheated rooms, help brush. Note that you will have to work with gloves and rub the rusted places with effort.

Fixing the loose screw

If the screw has ceased to hold, wrap it with several fibers of a metal sponge and boldly screw it back.

Grinding wooden surface

To clean the wooden surface from the remains of the old paint or varnish, you can use a metal "brush" before painting. It will be a worthy alternative to sandpaper.

Update welt on sports shoes

Sneakers and sneakers are often complemented by light-colored welts. It looks strong, but also becomes dirty at the moment. It is easy to give shoes a pristine look with a metal sponge. It is enough to moisten it in a solution of powder for white linen or soap. The “hard polishing” method is much more efficient than a simple wash. At the same time, it is wise to test it on the sole of the "foam".

Artificial "aging" of the tree

Country, rustic, retro, vintage - these are the styles that imply the presence in the interior of the "aged" tree. It is easy to achieve the desired effect using a metal sponge. The "brush" in this case is a component of the solution. Split into small pieces for a day is placed in a container with three glasses of vinegar.The resulting rusty solution is treated with a surface. The effect is visible almost instantly.

Salvaging a sink or tub from unwanted debris

A metal sponge will also be a temporary replacement for the drain grate. It will act as a barrier and will not allow pipes to get to the remains of food, hair or other debris.

A spark will flare

A metal sponge will also help when breeding a fire. The truth in addition to her in the arsenal should be another 9-volt battery. Separating a pair of fibers from the “brush”, but without completely cutting them off, it is necessary to attach them to both poles of the battery. You need to act with extreme caution. After the appearance of a spark sponge begins to smoke, which will inflate the fire.

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