Uraza Bayram of what number begins and ends in 2017 in Moscow, the Crimea, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Dagestan. The most beautiful sms greetings from Uraz Bayram 2017 in verses and prose


Uraza Bayram in 2017 will be widely celebrated not only in traditionally Islamic regions, such as Dagestan, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and others, but also in the capital of Russia, Moscow and on the Crimean peninsula. On this remarkable day of all the faithful, the first persons of the state, representatives of the executive branch, social workers and cultural figures will congratulate. But Muslims will receive the warmest, gentle and touching greeting words in verses and prose from their relatives, friends and relatives.

The best time to show attention is not so difficult to calculate. It is enough to know what date the holiday begins and when it ends, and then choose the most successful time for oral congratulations or sending SMS. And with examples of beautiful and good solemn texts in Russian and Tatar languages ​​can be found right now in the article below.

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in 2017 - what number begins and ends

Uraza Bayram is one of the most basic holidays in the Islamic religion. In importance for the faithful, it can be compared with the Christian Easter or Jewish Passover. This significant event symbolizes the end of the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims limit themselves to food and entertainment, strive to do as much good work as possible and purify their hearts and souls from sinful thoughts, negative emotions and doubtful desires.


The celebration is called Eid al-Fitr or Day of Talking and is celebrated on the following day after the end of the fast. Uraza Bairam always falls on different dates, so it is necessary to calculate the number of days it starts and ends individually each year.In 2017, the fast ends on June 24, and already 25 all Muslims of the world bow their heads in mosques, pray for the salvation of their souls, congratulate each other and wish all the faithful health, family happiness and well-being. The series of celebratory events on the 26th is coming to an end, and 27 the faithful return to their normal business with a cleared soul and an open heart.

How will celebrate Uraza Bayram in 2017 in Moscow and other regions


Massive festive events are planned in Moscow at Uraza Bayram. The main prayers will be held at three large sites in the center of the capital and in 37 territories in the Moscow region. The main Muslim church in Russia - the Moscow Cathedral Mosque - will open its doors to those who believe in it is already half past three in the morning, and at 7 o'clock there will be a festive sermon there. In the Memorial Mosque, located on Minskaya Street, prayers will be read from half past six, at Tatar - from 9 am, at the entrance to the park "60th anniversary of October" - from 7 o'clock. After the ritual sermons, Muslims will go home and continue to celebrate a great day in the family circle.

Uraza Bayram 2017 - how he will be met in Crimea, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Dagestan


In the Crimea, Uraza Bayram will walk for three whole days - from July 24 to 26. The first holiday day will begin with a morning visit to the mosque and smoothly turn into a beautiful and pleasant home celebration. In different cities of the peninsula, during the solemn days, on the initiative of local authorities, folk festivals will be held, where everyone can taste national dishes, see performances by amateur folklore groups and watch Kulesh wrestling competitions.


In the capital of Tatarstan, the festive prayer will begin at 6:30 in the morning. After it, believers will go to the cemetery to visit their ancestors, and for dinner they will gather in houses at the festive table. In Bashkortostan and Dagestan, solemn events will start at 7 am, and then residents and guests of the republics will take part in entertainment events organized for them by officials of the local government and representatives of the religious community.

SMS greetings from Uraz Bayram in your own words and in verses


Uraza Bayram is a family holiday, but sometimes due to life circumstances, native people are separated from each other and do not even have the opportunity to gather at one festive table even on this great, bright day.But this is not a reason to be sad or forget about relatives. After all, they can always be congratulated with the end of Ramadan and the coming of the day of breaking a beautiful, kind and pleasant holiday SMS. Having received a nice congratulatory message at the solemn moment, close people will be very happy and will understand that, despite the distance, they are remembered and hope for a meeting very much. To make the text look not too dry and patterned, it can be supplemented with touching, beautiful wishes written in your own words. Such simple but sincere texts will forever fall into the heart and give people's relationships even greater confidence and extraordinary sincerity.


A holiday of peace and kindness
Sun, light and heat!
Congratulations to the faithful
With pure Uraza Bayram!

Be happy, healthy.
Well let him be at home.
Let the heart warm you
Holiday Uraz Bayram!


Let me sincerely congratulate you on the end of the month of Ramadan, on the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. May Allah accept your prayers on this blessed day. I want to wish patience, perseverance and well-deserved happiness!

The holiday is nice, clean, bright
Congratulations from the heart.
In Uraza Bayram let thoughts
Will be clear and clean.

In your house it will be peaceful,
In happiness, relatives live.
In faith strong and deep
Inspiration will find.

Beautiful, short greetings from Uraz Bayram in verses for relatives, friends and relatives


The touching and tender, beautiful greetings from Uraza Bayram in verses are dedicated to the most beloved close people, young friends and girlfriends, good acquaintances and friends. In short rhymed verses, they praise the end of the strict lean period and thank Allah for giving people the power to cleanse their souls, put their thoughts in order, fill their hearts with kindness and live through the holy month of Ramadan with honor. Sublime congratulatory phrases complement the most pleasant wishes of a good comfortable life, health for children and relatives, happiness and mutual understanding. Every word is invested with a maximum of sincerity and spiritual warmth, as it is believed that all wishes said or written on this bright sacred day must come true and bring good luck throughout the year.


Religions in the world are many different,
But we respect each other’s views,
And Uraza Bayram is your main holiday,
And we congratulate you with him heartily.
We wish you prosperity today,
Love, patience and strong faith,
And finally, we will add,
So that you do not let a sense of proportion!


Joy, love you, happiness,
Today is a beautiful day.
Uraza Bayram is coming,
We all have wealth!
Forget all the insults
Let the soul live openly
And striving for kindness,
Understanding, cleanliness!


Congratulations on breaking the Eraz-Bayram
I want to help everyone around
To eat the poor and give money,
Respect the old men most of all.
May Islam spread throughout the world,
The whole planet will take in his heart
Honor the Quran dear man,
And Allah will always be with you.
I will come to Uraza Bayram
I will bring a gift to your abode.

Short greetings from Uraz Bayram in prose in Russian and Tatar languages


Uraza Bayram is a very important religious event in the Muslim world. It is celebrated widely, magnificently and pompously. Believers practicing Islam visit mosques on this day, listen to the sermons of muftis, and then go to visit each other with gifts, food and congratulations. Beautiful prose words in Russian and Tatar, devoted to the holiday, are usually spoken to elder family members, elderly relatives and friends who enjoy special authority and respect.In short, inspired lines, all the children of Allah desire goodness and well-being, faith in a bright future, fulfillment of all desires and a peaceful sky over their heads. Kind, sincere and touching words are spoken at the ceremonial table, where the whole family gathers or they write on postcards and are mailed to relatives and friends located in other cities and countries. Such acts of attention always produce the most favorable impression and make the warmest and thinnest hearts warm and thaw.


Congratulations on the bright holiday of Uraz Bayram! I wish you peace, prosperity and love. Let your table on this day be full of delicious delicacies, and your soul - happiness! Flourish and live long, let children always be healthy and cheerful. Happy holidays!


Uraza gayet Byrme beln Ikhlastan tbrik itм Sine kebek imanly, iash, sabyr, nykly rukhly din karshem bulganga min chyn kelemnn senm. m kilchk t d shul dreslek yulinda, Alla kushkan namaz yulinda bulyrsy me ze bashkalarny and idrse dign izge telkt kalam. Alla sine kilgan doganariny kabul kylyp, fresh sia ugan yullar, mul tabynnar mya kaya gyna barma gel namusli imanli keshelr gene ochratsyn.Тне, аны рачак slit булып р ел шулай уразалар тотып, гаетен, корбанын кп еллар бйрм итрг посейп булсын. Amine.


So the day came when the whole Muslim people celebrated the completion of Holy Ramadan. For this day, all people professing Islam, and prepare the soul and body. Let this state of absolute purity accompany you all your life. Live with peace in your heart, with love in your eyes, with positive thoughts in your head, with sincere words on your lips and good deeds in your hands.

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