Vibro-mouse for games.

So, the motor will work too. For preliminary success, we drink beer and I continue. Vypayal diode. And he took up the installation of the motor in the floor of the empty interior of the mouse. I decided to put a little motor on a special glue. This glue quickly sets when its temperature drops. That is, he needs a special gun or a soldering iron. I heat up the glue and put it on the microcircuit, and while it spreads and is hot, I mount the motor. Clay grabs, and then I start to pour glue in all places where possible. This is so that the motor does not tear off during its operation. So, the motor is in place. I start doing loads that, wearing on the axis of the engine, during rotation with an offset from the axis and will create a vibration.
Everything is very simple. I took a small metal cylinder from the handle. The diameter is 7 mm and the length is 7 mm. I took 3 lead bullets from a pneumatic pistol. Pliers flattened them. And inserted into the cylinder, pre-fill it with hot glue. While the glue is hot in the cylinder, I put it on the axis of the motor. Clay has cooled. The first test.It seemed to me that the load was small, since the vibration was quite high-frequency. Well, this is understandable, for lower-frequency Vibrations, you need to either shift the load further from the axis, or add weight to the load. What I did. I screwed a screw into the cylinder. After that, the vibration became very strong and little noisy. This is how it looks.
Closed the mouse. I tried to press a button a couple of times. Joy was not a chapel when it began to vibrate. Since the result exceeded all expectations. Vibration is so strong that the mouse is hard to hold. Launched the game, Far Edge. I tried to shoot from the M-16. During shooting, the mouse shakes so that it was impossible to shoot accurately. But so it was more realistic to play. The whiter that I played better than a friend and we just did not have enough equal forces in the game. After I started shooting less accurately, the game continued much more interesting.
I made a simple mouse with a simple mouse, which has no analogues in the world . Proved to a friend that I did not sleep the computer. To death scared mom. When she sat down without my computer and made the first click, she had a wild shock. More, she does not sit down at my computer without me.It has become more interesting to play Far Edge, as having good experience and accuracy is already boring to play. He introduced a bit of diversity and creativity into his life.

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