Water level indicator on reed switches

Simple design for determining the amount of liquid in any container. Its great advantage is that it can easily scale to fit under absolutely any size and vessel. For example, you have a tank with rainwater, and you want to constantly monitor the water level in it. There is nothing easier. With this simple level indicator built on reed switches, you can easily implement this control system.

You will need an indicator

To make a five-level indicator, you will need: five reed switches operating on a short circuit , five LEDs, 5 330 Ohm resistors. Wires, power supply, breadboard.
Water level indicator on reed switches
You will also need a pair of magnets (from an old hard disk). The tube and the float were printed on a 3D printer, but no one forbids taking a tube made of polypropylene or PVC, and the float can be glued together from something.

Level indicator circuit

A simple circuit consists of five individual cells connected to a common power bus.Its reed switch turns on its LED.
Water level indicator on reed switches
The idea of ​​the water level indicator operation is that the reed switches are located along the entire length of the tube. This design is immersed in a container of water. On the tube goes float with magnets. And at what level it floats, those reed switches close. Closed reed switches include LEDs and information is displayed on the LED ruler.
Water level indicator on reed switches

Production of a level indicator on reed switches

It is necessary to make the sensor itself - it is the wire on which the reed switches are located after a certain distance.
Water level indicator on reed switches
Water level indicator on reed switches
This wire is inserted into the tube, which is sealed from the bottom, and from above comes a bundle of wires connected to the board. Then we dress a float-magnet, we connect the power. And our level is ready. In work it looks like this:
Water level indicator on reed switches
The length of the measuring tube of the sensor can be any other.Since the number of cells in the measurement. Another important advantage is that the system is sealed and the voltage does not touch the liquid in any way.

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