Wear a coat in a new and fashionable way (18 pics)

If you are already starting to think about what to wear in spring and autumn, then turn your attention to the coat. Do you think this is too formal, strictly and boring? Your opinion will change when you learn how and with what you can wear such a piece of clothing.

Autumn should be bright

Should there be a coat in the wardrobe?

Why do you need a coat if you can buy a comfortable jacket? But a coat is an indicator of femininity and elegance. And do not think that only aged ladies can afford it, and a girl in such outerwear will look ridiculous. Just pay attention to youth models, and you will understand that you can look stunning, especially if you know some tricks.


How to choose a coat?

Before talking about what and how to wear a coat, it is worth mentioning the topic of his choice. Here it is important to take into account not only fashion trends (although you should not forget about them), but also the peculiarities of your figure and, of course, personal preferences. Do not forget about the style.We offer you several win-win options:

  • A fitted coat with a belt is a classic genre that does not go out of fashion, a standard of femininity and sexuality. This style, by the way, can afford and the ladies with mouth-watering forms.
  • A straight coat will hide some figure flaws.
  • Coat with a high waist looks romantic and feminine, and also allows you to hide the extra volume in the abdomen or hips.
  • Girls with a sporty or slim figure can afford such a fashionable thing as a cape coat.
  • Original coat-jacket or model in the style of military will also look original.
  • Coat-trapezoid suit both slender girls, and ladies with mouth-watering volumes.
  • A coat with a smell is a fashionable option, but only slim ladies can afford it.
  • A short coat will be appropriate if you want to show the bottom of the figure.
  • Coat-overcoat refers rather to a sporty style, so it would be an ideal option for lovers of this style.
  • A coat with a short sleeve or with a sleeve length ¾ will emphasize your femininity.

Color plays an important role. If you are planning to go to work in a coat, then choose classic options, for example, a black coat. Those who seem gloomy with such a color may get a beige.

Wear scarves

This option is also a classic, but it refreshes the image and makes it more feminine. A white coat will emphasize romance and tenderness, but, of course, you can't call it practical. If you want something bright and unusual, then buy a red, blue or even pink coat.

What to combine?


What to wear with a coat? It all depends on its style and style. We offer some fresh ideas:

  • Coat-cape allows you to diversify your wardrobe and even mix different styles. So, you can choose almost any skirt: short fitting, magnificent medium length, long in the floor, a pencil skirt. Excellent with this model will be combined and pants. The styles can also be any: classic straight, narrow shortened, long narrowed, and even flared or skinny jeans. The upper part of the kit, you can also choose any: a loose jumper, blouse with flounces, a turtleneck, a sweater of large mating. As for shoes, it is appropriate to have heels in different variations.
  • A classic coat should ideally be combined with classic clothing: straight or tapered trousers, shirts and blouses. Dresses will also be appropriate: tight-fitting knitted, sheath dress or shirt dress.From shoes you can choose boots, shoes or ankle boots with heels.
  • A short coat is a youth version, so fresh and bright solutions are appropriate: short or long dresses and skirts, shorts made of thick fabric or denim (it is best to wear thick tights to make the image creative and protect from the cold), jeans are practically any styles. There are a lot of shoe options: boots, Cossack boots, cowboy boots, ankle boots. Heel, wedge and flat sole are acceptable.
  • Trapeze coat blends perfectly with skinny trousers or skinny jeans, as well as straight and wide trousers. A pencil skirt will also look sexy and feminine. Puffy skirts of any length and long dresses are appropriate.
  • Coat-overcoat will look perfect with a skirt or tight jeans, close to the sporty style. Shoes are best to choose either without a heel, or on a thick, stable heel or wedge heels. The wide scarf will complete and refresh the image.
  • The high-waisted coat is perfect for new look cocktail dresses and puffy skirts. Shoes only feminine and only heels.Do not want to wear skirts and dresses? Put on bright cropped trousers-bananas, such a tandem is also fashionable and bright.
  • The coat with short sleeves will look stylish with knitted dresses or sheath-dresses, as well as with narrowed or straight trousers. Choose boots with a high boot or ankle boots. But the brightest detail in this case will be high gloves that go by the elbow, which will come in handy here.
  • Coat with a smell - the trend of the last season. And almost all known fashion designers and designers recommend combining such a model with a classic business suit. It looks strictly, but at the same time elegant, feminine and even sexy.
  • Coat-overcoat - it's stylish and bold. Complete the image will help flared or wide trousers. Upstairs, you can wear a strict blouse or shirt, or a plain turtleneck. But bold natures can well afford jeans, which today have become almost universal item of clothing.
  • A coat of straight cut seems unattractive to many, but if you drag it with a strap in a contrasting color, your opinion will definitely change. Under the coat you can wear a short knitted dress or a sweater dress, as well as pants of almost any style. Shoes are better to choose with heels.
  • With a collar (with a wide or stand-up) in itself will be a bright accent of the image, so stylists do not recommend wearing it with fancy or multi-layered things. The best option is a dress-case or narrow trousers with a shirt or blouse. If the collar with a wide cuff, then under it you can wear a light scarf.

Fashion Tips

With dress and shoes

Now some fashion tips about combining the coat with other clothing items:

  1. Accessories will help revive the image: a bright strap in a contrasting color, chic patent leather or leather gloves, a hat or a beret, a colored or plain wide scarf. Pay special attention to the choice of handbag.
  2. Do not forget about the combination of colors, otherwise you will look like a parrot. You can choose shades of one scale, combined or contrasting colors (this is an excellent option for the bold).
  3. Squeak of the season - a dress in the tone of a coat.
  4. Choose tight tights. Firstly, it is fashionable, secondly, they will warm your legs.
  5. The hem of a dress or skirt should either completely hide under a coat, or look out from under it for no more than 10-15 centimeters. Otherwise, you will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  6. Remember a simple rule: the longer the coat, the more formal and formal it looks.
  7. The minimum gap between the boots and the hem of a coat is 15 centimeters. But the hem can cover the tops of a few centimeters.

Now you know how to wear and with what to combine a coat and you will look stunning in such outerwear.


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