Weather in Moscow for April 2017 - a detailed and accurate forecast of the weather center for each day. What is the expected weather at the beginning and end of April 2017 in the capital and region

PMA17-001Fairly cold, snowy and mostly overcast - this is what the weather is expected to be in Moscow in April 2017. Such a forecast, based on statistics and long-term observations, was made by the Russian hydrometeorological center. According to weather forecasters, winter temperatures will linger in the capital at the beginning and in the middle of the month, and with them the gusty north wind will play pranks on the streets. Small snowfalls will turn into a common phenomenon and will cease to amaze not only the residents of the city, but also the guests of the capital.The weather will change only in 20 numbers, but really warms only at the very end of April. In the Moscow region, the situation will be almost the same, with the only difference being that in the northern part of the cold they will linger a little longer, and in the south a steady rise in temperatures will be observed already after the 10th.

Weather in Moscow in April 2017 - the most accurate weather forecast by day

A preliminary forecast by Russian weather forecasters, claiming to be the most accurate, asserts that April 2017 in Moscow will be quite cold and snowy. The first three weeks of the month, the change of the season will not be felt at all. The weather will change globally only after the 25th and then Moscow residents and guests of the capital will have the opportunity to say that the city has really smelled in the spring.


Daily weather forecast for Moscow for April 2017

Despite the fact that April is considered the heart of spring, in 2017 in Moscow it will be almost imperceptible. The first days of the month will begin with moderately cold indicators, more characteristic for the end of winter in this region. From 1 to 4 the daytime temperature will be kept around 0 ° C, and by the night the mercury column will descend to the mark -1 ... 2 ° C.Precipitation in the form of snow should be expected daily, as well as gusty winds that regularly change direction. April 5 will be slightly colder and at noon the temperature in the capital will not rise above -1 ° C. In the evening it will become colder and by midnight the thermometers will record a drop to -3 ... 4 ° C.

From 6 to 15 in the afternoon the air will warm up again to 0 ° C, and at night the thermometers will show -2… 5 ° C of frost, which, due to the northern wind, will be felt very strongly. There will not be any precipitation in this period either. Flying snowflakes, powdered verges and lawns, light film of ice on the roads - all these weather attributes will become characteristic for the second week of April.

From April 16 to 21, no meteorological surprises are foreseen. During the day, the mercury column will not rise above 0 ° C, and in the dark it will not fall below -2 ° C. Snow will be replaced by light rain and without an umbrella, windproof jacket and waterproof comfortable shoes to be on the street will become very uncomfortable.

On the 22nd and 23rd will fall the strongest April frosts. On these two days, the air temperature will drop to -4 ... 5 ° C in the morning, and at night the frost will scare Muscovites and guests of the capital with truly winter indicators (-7 ... 11 ° C).The sky will remain covered with gray clouds and you will not have to hope for the appearance of the sun.

The victorious coming of spring to Moscow will begin only from April 24th. On this day in the morning it will warm to + 1 ° C and the weather will slowly begin to clear. 25 in the city it will rain and wash away the last reminder of winter from the roads and verges. 26 thermometers will fix the temperature of + 4 ° C and the first holes will appear on the overcast sky through which gentle sun rays will timidly break through. On April 27, the clearing will continue, as will the rise in the total air temperature (+ 8 ° C during the day and up to + 3 ° C at night). The warming trend will continue until the very last days of April and the coming of May, the capital will be greeted with real spring warmth (+ 18 ... 19 ° C), clear skies and no precipitation.

Weather in Moscow in April 2017 - forecast from the weather center at the beginning and end of the month


According to the forecast of the Russian hydrometeorological center, in Moscow in April 2017, rather cold weather is expected, not too typical for the middle of spring. At the beginning of the month, the temperature during the day will not exceed 0 ° C, and at night the mercury column will slightly slip and stop at the -1 ° C mark. Such a tendency in the weather situation will last until the very end of April, and only in the last days will the real spring be felt in the city. After April 25, the temperature will rise sharply first to + 4 ... 8 ° C, and by April 28-30 it will reach + 14 ... 18 ° C.The sky will clear up, the sun will look out and, finally, will delight Muscovites and guests of the capital with pleasant, tender and gentle warmth.

What will the weather in the Moscow region in April 2017


Cool, rich in rainfall and mostly cloudy - this is what the weather will be in the Moscow region in April 2017. The frosts will last the longest in the northern and north-western part of the region. There, almost until the end of the month, the snow will lie, and the night temperature will not rise above -2 ... 3 ° C. Warming should be expected only in the very last days of April and the beginning of May, but even then the soil frosts will persist for some time.

In the south and southeast, the situation will be more optimistic. In this part of the Moscow region, the truly spring weather will be established already after April 10, and by the end of the month the mercury column will regularly reach + 20 ... 22 ° C. The April rains will spoil the optimistic picture a little, but by the 20th they will completely cease and the sky will not frown until May.

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