The weather in Sochi in September 2016 - forecast hydrometeorological center. Weather and water temperature at the beginning and end of September in Sochi

PSS-002A preliminary forecast of the weather center based on long-term observations of the meteorological situation in the Black Sea basin area says that the weather in Sochi in September 2016 will be pleasantly warm, dry and clear in general, and the temperature will not exceed the average standard. At the beginning of the month, the resort may be covered with rains, but a riot of precipitation will end within 2-3 days and from the 5th there will be an ideal comfortable period in the city. Under the air will be water. Almost until the end of the month, the level of warming up of the sea will hold at + 20 ... 23 ° C, and only before October this figure will drop sharply to + 16 ° C.

What is the usual weather in Sochi at the beginning and end of September?


Mild, gentle and moderately warm - this is how the weather usually stands in Sochi at the beginning and end of September. For delicate temperatures and more than pleasant meteorological conditions, this time is called the “velvet” season. In the first month of autumn a more respectable audience comes to the resort, wishing to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing, historical monuments, architectural ensembles and luxurious southern landscapes.


In the first decade of the month, the resort still has almost summer weather, but already on the 10th of the day the remnants of the heat evaporate without a trace and the time of true comfort comes. Along with the heat, the increased humidity characteristic of the end of summer also disappears. The air is saturated with ozone and coniferous phytoncids, soaked with the scent of autumn flowers and re-acquires its bright healing properties.

In the morning, the mercury column reaches + 24 ° C, and by noon it often reaches + 26 ° C, but it crosses this barrier very rarely. Water does not lag behind the air. At this time, thermometers record a temperature of + 23 ° C on the urban beaches of the resort and about + 22 ° C in more remote areas.

The night brings a truly autumnal coolness and everything around it cools to + 15 ... 16 ° C.Walking under the moon without a jacket or warm jacket becomes uncomfortable, so seasoned tourists strongly recommend beginners to throw these things in a suitcase. In September in Sochi, they will definitely come in handy and allow you to wander along the embankment until dawn, without fear of disease and colds.

Precipitation in September is a rarity and falls once or twice a month. Moreover, the rains are short-lived and do not spoil the charm of the autumn holidays.

Weather in Sochi in September - the temperature of the water off the coast of the resort


The temperature of the water off the coast of the resort in September is also excellent, as is the weather in Sochi as a whole. The sea during this period is much cleaner, a convenient place on the beach is much easier to find, and the people around are much less than in July or August. Gentle waves gently roll on the sand and beckon into their transparent azure depth. You can swim in September for a very long time, without being afraid to get too cold or get a cold. Almost until the end of the month, the water temperature on urban beaches is kept at + 23 ° C and is suitable for long sea procedures. Sharp cooling is observed only in the last days of September, when the general air temperature decreases and the approaching October strongly hints at the end of the bathing season.

Weather in Sochi in September 2016 - weather forecast


According to the preliminary forecast of the weather center, the weather in Sochi in September 2016 will not bring any unpleasant surprises. There will be no abrupt changes in temperature, but at the beginning of the month, visitors will be “scared” by short showers with lightning and thunderstorms. Clouds and precipitation will end on the 5th and up to September 13 inclusively not a drop of rain will fall in the city. The air temperature at this time will warm up to + 23 ... 25 ° C, and water - up to + 21 ... 23 ° C. From 14 to 16 it will be cold to + 18 ° C and the probability of precipitation will increase significantly. The sun will again look out and illuminate the resort streets after the September 21st with gentle rays. The air will warm to + 22 ... 24 ° C and such beautiful weather will continue until the end of the month.

However, despite the very attractive daytime temperatures, the nights will become more cold. At night, the thermometer will slide to the mark of + 14 ... 16 ° C and you will not be able to do without a warm jacket or a wind-proof jacket for an evening walk.

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