What a werewolf dreams about

In many dream books, a werewolf signals an adverse event. This is due to its dual nature - this creature simultaneously plays the role of a predator and a victim. It cannot control its bestial essence and fight reincarnation. The hunt also brings him satisfaction and is not accompanied by feelings of guilt, since all the nightly events disappear from memory the next morning.

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what a werewolf dreams about
What a werewolf dreams about

See werewolf

A two-faced person has appeared in your surroundings who hides his true unkind thoughts and can cause harm. He will try to take possession of your location so that later you can be used for his own purposes. You are waited by a deceit and treachery of someone from associates.

At the same time, people whom you did not trust and whose intentions were doubted, will be pleasantly surprised and will help in a difficult situation.

What a werewolf girl dreams about before a wedding - fate wants to save you from a big mistake. Think again about your decision to get married again, perhaps your doubts are not groundless.

Be in werewolf skin

You are not confident in your actions and are worried. A close friend will help to calm down and understand the soul, and wise advice will allow you to decide on the decision. Do not commit rash acts - otherwise you will soon regret your treachery.

It can also mean your own unpleasant, aggressive character trait, which may interfere with the implementation of your plans in the near future.

Trying to kill a werewolf in a dream

You feel that a person from your environment is unfriendly towards you. However, you cannot collect your thoughts, decide to express your opinion and discontent to him. All this makes you suffer, and your subconscious mind sends restless dreams. In order to find inner peace, you will have to express your feelings to this person and break off all relations with him.

Be attacked by a werewolf

In the near future you will suffer from the actions of a dishonorable person from your environment. Be careful and look at the people around you, you may be able to expose the "werewolf" and his machinations. Do not fall for his mask of friendliness, the real person behind it will not like you.Such vigilance will help to avoid bad consequences, and will not allow the attacker to harm you, which means it is an opportunity to avoid some kind of trouble.

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