What are eye patches for?

Today we will talk about patches - no, not about special additions to modern computer games, but about extremely popular cosmetics that are already actively used by many ladies and beauty experts of the world.

You probably already saw more than once, and maybe even tried on yourself, funny sticky stickers that are applied to certain areas of the face to eliminate visual problems. This is patches - an indispensable cosmetic product that will well eliminate the consequences of a stormy party, serious lack of sleep or a heavy flight under the eyes.

Patches for the eyes - it's just a must-have for busy women, because for some 15-20 minutes you can achieve a stunning effect: the skin under the eyes is smoothed out, becomes even and elastic, disappear "crow's feet" and hateful circles under the eyes, in general , a miracle, not an effect!

Remember how many situations there are in life, when you need to urgently get a blooming look, and the reflection in the mirror stubbornly refuses to show what you want? Emergency help in the form of cosmetic strips to cope with this problem at times.

True disputes around such patches (as they are called among the people) do not abate: as always, there are those who consider them effective, and also those who call patches - a waste of money. And yet, where is the truth? Let's figure it out.

What are they capable of?

Eye patches come in different types and fillings, each coping with a specific task and area. And yet from heaven to earth will have to go down: miracles happen only in fairy tales, and so no one says that some stripes (let, and special) can change your appearance beyond recognition.

With serious age changes and traces of chronic fatigue, even salon procedures and all sorts of braces are not always able to cope, which is to say about small pieces of tissue. On the other hand, with small swelling, small wrinkles and circles - it's really possible to cope with them, and the effect can be achieved much faster than using a mask or cream.

The main thing is to choose the right patches, after all, they are impregnated with various cosmetic compositions with a rather high concentration of active substances (due to which the express care is achieved).How to choose effective patches to care for the area around the eyes?

Naturally, based on their own needs: there are anti-aging patches, antibacterial, moisturizing and so on. All patches are divided into two main groups: tissue and hydrogel. The latter can boast perfect adhesion to the skin, which increases the chances of nutrients to penetrate precisely into the target. In addition, they differ in the most comfortable operation. What does it mean?

For example, tissue patches, as they dry up, have an unpleasant feature - to slide and slide, because of what they have to be only in a horizontal position. With hydrogel it is possible though to paint nails, though it is possible to operate the car - they precisely will remain on a place.

How to choose?

The composition of these strips includes a rather impressive list of active ingredients: oils, extracts of various herbs and plants, vitamins, peptides and collagen, which are simply necessary to increase the elasticity and remove irritation, fatigue effect. All of them can vary depending on the purpose of the funds, which one should you choose?

  • Smoothing.Typically, these patches include hyaluronic acid, collagen, colloidal gold and oils. Due to the action of the active substances, they work on the principle of Botox: slightly “inhibit” facial expressions, relieve the skin from unnecessary irregularities and folds.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing. Ideal for sensitive, thin and irritated skin. Well restore natural color, return matte surface and make the skin more dense. The composition usually observed extracts of various plants, essential oils, pearl powder or a more expensive option - with the use of the placenta.
  • Anti-aging They focus all the methods of epidermis restoration known to modern science: algae extracts, peptides, collagen, caviar, ginseng extracts and coenzyme. Thanks to this “nuclear” filling, all processes are reversed: the result of rejuvenation “on the face”.

Going to the store, it is difficult to choose exactly what you really need - too many choices. What patches can be called the best? The products of the following brands proved to be excellent: Shiseido, Helena Rubinstein, Payot, Elemis and others.Also recently, Korean cosmetics manufacturers, for example, Gold Racoony, have enjoyed considerable popularity.

How to use?

Regardless of which brand you prefer, and which type of patch you choose, the principle of use remains the same for all. Before the skin around the eyes need to be cleaned and, preferably, make a light massage.

Next, the patch must be removed from the packaging and place the product on the area under the lower eyelid (you can put patches on the upper eyelid) and leave them for 10-15 minutes. If these are hydrogel patches, then at this time you can safely go about your business, if you have tissue patches, then it is better to just lie down with them.

After use, the strips will only have to be thrown out - in 10-15 minutes they completely give up the entire set of valuable substances to your skin. To keep such a mask longer - it makes no sense, with the exception of draining species that are used to remove puffiness, they need to be kept for about 30 minutes.

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