What are glasses for?

Remember the famous Krylov's fable about the monkey and glasses? As it turns out, to take it in a figurative sense is not always necessary, because there are quite a few people who do not know how to properly use glasses. And on the subject of what points are needed, we'll talk today. In addition to the usual glasses for vision correction, we will also consider the sun and some others.

Why do you need glasses

If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness (that is, you can’t see well in the distance or near), then the glasses help to correct the focus of view in such a way that the eye will perceive objects in the same way as in normal vision. This is achieved with the help of lenses. In the case of myopia, concave or diffuse lenses are used, and convex or converging lenses are used to correct farsightedness. The degree of concavity or convexity of the lenses is the stronger, the more disturbed the focus of vision in one direction or another.

Do I need to wear glasses

Very often, the timely use of glasses helps stop progressive myopia. The fact is that if a person sees poorly into the distance, then every time he wants to see something, he has to strain himself.And the stronger myopia, the greater the tension, and the tension leads to the fact that the eyes become more tired and, consequently, further deterioration of vision occurs. Glasses also help to relieve tension from the eyes and, thus, to stop the process of vision deterioration. Do I need to wear glasses all the time? Only a doctor can give the correct answer to this question. Often with myopia you can wear glasses only when you are watching TV, reading or working at the computer. Points for a computer are needed for those who spend a lot of time behind it - because today the work of many workers is connected with the use of a PC.

Glasses for children

Many parents ask if a child needs glasses if the problem with vision is not too serious. The best option would be to contact an optometrist. We note that the use of glasses can not only significantly slow down, but even stop child myopia. It also happens that those people who wore glasses as a child, their vision ceased to deteriorate and even recovered. If a child is embarrassed to wear glasses, then you need to convince him that modern glasses are so diverse that to find beautiful and stylish among them is not a problem at all, especially since this is true.


There are different opinions on how solar ultraviolet radiation can affect our vision. Someone beats the alarm and says that the eyes must be protected, someone, on the contrary, says about the dangers of sunglasses. Here we can say this: it is unwise to refuse such eye protection in the bright midday summer sun, because the UV radiation during this period is so strong that it can easily have a negative effect on the lens of the eye. At the same time, wearing sunglasses is almost always more harmful. In this case, even ordinary daylight can be irritating to the eyes. It is no secret that for those who wear sunglasses without removing, the risk of eye diseases increases significantly. Therefore, use sunglasses in the summer during the daytime and to protect from the sun and to protect your eyes from sand and dust. As for the models of such glasses, it is necessary to choose glasses with a filter, so cheap models should immediately be discarded, since only toning is not only useless, but even harmful to the eyes.

Other types of glasses

First of all, it is, of course, goggles that are designed to protect the eyes from chemical, thermal, light and mechanical influences.We have already considered one of the particular types of goggles - sunglasses. And there are still plastic glasses to protect the eyes from mechanical damage (for example, when working on a machine), glasses with light filters to protect the eyes from bright radiation. This is necessary, for example, when welding, when working with lasers, etc. In glassblowing works and in metallurgy, protective goggles are used against thermal effects, and in the chemical industry they use goggles that are tight to their sockets to protect them from various reagents. There are also safety glasses for working in water. One type of sunglasses are colored glasses, invented by the Chinese. To drive a car, some use polarized glasses, which significantly reduce glare from various objects. Perforated or perforated glasses can correct myopia, but doctors do not recommend wearing them all the time. In addition, such glasses, like some types of sun glasses, are used to protect against blinding snow in the winter.

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